Which lotion seems best as far as quality?

Which lotion seems best as far as quality?

SecretToyLover2 SecretToyLover2 04/17/2012

I want to try one of these, but I don't want to waste me money. I'm sure no one does. So which one seems best?

Invited: All advanced reviewers.

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SecretToyLover2 SecretToyLover2
Tell me which one looks the best to you.
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Badass Badass
The dona line has been freaking awesome so far, I would go with theirs.
Apirka Apirka
I would go for the Simply Sensual one. I didn't like the Dona spray lotion. It left my skin so icky and sticky.
Tangles Tangles
Dona has a good line. I've been planning on getting some for myself.
skeeterlynn skeeterlynn
I have both Dona body mist lotion and Simply sensual body lotion if you wanna read my reviews. I myself like both.
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