Which rooms do you have tv sets in?

Which rooms do you have tv sets in?

Antipova Antipova
My boyfriend told me he'd been thinking of getting two tv sets for our place which currently has none---one for the living room, and one for the kitchen. In my mind, a tv in the living room is ok if it's not on too often, but I really don't want a tv in the kitchen. I really love cooking, and I enjoy having discussions over dinner, and I value my quiet thinking time while I'm cooking. I worry that a tv would rob me of that, or cause frequent arguments when I want the tv off and other people want it on.

I grew up in a house with one tv in the living room, and one small b&w tv for my mom's exercise videos in a den. My parents were adamantly opposed to tv sets in bedrooms and the kitchen, and now that I'm older I can definitely see why. I haven't had a tv around since I left for college, and I haven't missed it at all. I can still watch the occasional movie on my computer, and I prefer to read the news because I don't have to sit through gossipy sections. I worry that having too many tv sets would take away from conversation. I'm rather shy and I feel very uncomfortable interrupting people, so I would feel like I'd have to wait til commercials to talk.

Do you feel like your living situation has too few tv sets, or too many? Does tv limit your conversation time with the people you live with?
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There's a tv set in one or more family rooms / living rooms.
DeliciousSurprise , REDRUM , Fullbeauty , ToyTimeTim , Taylor , Lily Night , Sammi , Daniel & Brittany , Annemarie , ZenaidaMacroura , SexyTabby , toxie m , married with children , Persephone Nightmare , Brandi Rouxxx , AAAToyGirl , Gunsmoke , Redboxbaby , AgnesTrevejo , namelesschaos , LennaKieran , K101 , slynch , chidoll , sixfootsex , Liz2 , ToyingCouple , Lolla Munz , Bunnycups , uu , SexyLilPixi , PinkPedal , Tori Rebel , P'Gell , *Ashley* , Miss Morphine , Selective Sensualist , alliegator , sexyk515 , liilii080 , dv8 , tickle me pink , Lummox , Willis2011 , The Curious Couple , PiratePrincess , ...... , ac0313 , Shellz31 , lolsos , Lio , Nando , darthkitt3n , Reyes , Jimbo Jones , Teaser , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , Lady Venus , LostBoy988 , EndlessFrost , AMGuidroz , Petite Valentine , Rossie , kelaaa33wish , AOutrajus , Coralbell , cherryredhead88 , Rachel Nunez , Diabolical Kitty , MaryExy , jakjak , OhMy! , Mr. Poopy Pants , Maeby , leatherlover , Ivy Wilde , Sex'и'Violence , lovemuscle n cookie , Nyx , Ansley , CAKES , C-Rae , Errant Venture , MarkShivr , EJ , LikeSunshineDust , Checkmate , anonymouse58 , Jul!a , BrianBoy , beachluv51800 , Triple X Moma
There's a tv set in the kitchen.
Sammi , SexyTabby , ToyGurl , alliegator , C-Rae
There's a tv set in one or more bedrooms.
DeliciousSurprise , ToyTimeTim , Sammi , Daniel & Brittany , Annemarie , ZenaidaMacroura , SexyTabby , moonch1ld , married with children , Persephone Nightmare , Brandi Rouxxx , Gunsmoke , Redboxbaby , namelesschaos , LennaKieran , K101 , slynch , chidoll , sixfootsex , Liz2 , ToyingCouple , Bunnycups , Tori Rebel , P'Gell , *Ashley* , alliegator , sexyk515 , liilii080 , dv8 , tickle me pink , jay28 , Willis2011 , PiratePrincess , ...... , Shellz31 , Lio , darthkitt3n , Reyes , Jimbo Jones , EndlessFrost , AMGuidroz , Rossie , kelaaa33wish , AOutrajus , cherryredhead88 , Rachel Nunez , Diabolical Kitty , MaryExy , Mr. Poopy Pants , leatherlover , Sex'и'Violence , Nyx , Ansley , ss143 , C-Rae , Errant Venture , EJ , Checkmate , anonymouse58 , Jul!a , BrianBoy , Triple X Moma
There's a tv set in the bathroom.
ToyGurl , jakjak , Jul!a
There's a tv set in the garage/shop.
Sammi , Gunsmoke , Lio
There are no tv sets in my house.
eggiweg , Antipova
I've got one in a room you didn't mention, or I've got a story to share.
EndlessFrost , satanikangel666
I like having a tv on most of the time.
hspence , Sammi , Daniel & Brittany , SexyTabby , AAAToyGirl , chidoll , Tori Rebel , liilii080 , Shellz31 , Lady Venus , EndlessFrost , Rossie , kelaaa33wish , Diabolical Kitty , jakjak , satanikangel666 , Checkmate
I like having a tv on only when there's something in particular I want to watch.
DeliciousSurprise , REDRUM , Fullbeauty , ToyTimeTim , Lily Night , pinkcupcakes , kawigrl , Annemarie , ZenaidaMacroura , Mell , moonch1ld , married with children , AAAToyGirl , Gunsmoke , Redboxbaby , namelesschaos , sixfootsex , ToyingCouple , Bunnycups , P'Gell , alliegator , dv8 , tickle me pink , Lummox , The Curious Couple , PiratePrincess , ac0313 , Lio , darthkitt3n , Reyes , Teaser , Coralbell , cherryredhead88 , Diabolical Kitty , MaryExy , lovemuscle n cookie , Nyx , ss143 , Errant Venture , EJ , LikeSunshineDust
Having a tv on makes me uncomfortable.
DeliciousSurprise , Antipova , toxie m , Selective Sensualist
I'm pretty neutral.
Brandi Rouxxx , *Ashley* , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , AMGuidroz , Rachel Nunez , MaryExy , Jul!a
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Fullbeauty Fullbeauty
I have one tv in my house, in my living room. When I was married, we had a tv in the bedroom as well, but only for watching our "special movies." Now that I'm living by myself, I usually have the tv or my ipod dock on, just to avoid it being too quiet.
Taylor Taylor
I have one tv in the living room and one that is in the basement but not hooked up. I also agree with no tv in the bedrooms. My ex had a tv in the bedroom and always wanted to leave it on, then he'd get mad when I insisted on turning it off during intimate times. I felt like he was more interested in the tv than me and it lead to many arguements.
Sammi Sammi
We probably have too many sets, although my husband would argue that one. None in the bathroom yet

I probably listen to it more than I watch it, because I can tune it out pretty well - a consequence of living in the dorms in college, where I had to learn to tune out noise. I actually find silence more distracting, so it's often a background thing for me.
Antipova Antipova
Originally posted by Sammi
We probably have too many sets, although my husband would argue that one. None in the bathroom yet

I probably listen to it more than I watch it, because I can tune it out pretty well - a consequence of living in the dorms in college, ...
I guess I'm going to have to practice

I just... worry that I'd feel too impolite to start talking while someone was paying attention to a show, so I wouldn't talk. I'm also the kind of person who steps outside to make a phonecall, though. And silence doesn't bother me at all, and if I'm working, I'll get kind of distracted if my background music has words (thank goodness for post rock and techno).
Daniel & Brittany Daniel & Brittany
Our laptop screen is broken so now we have it hooked to the TV, hence the tv is usually on
SexyTabby SexyTabby
I have 5 tvs. In the living room, kitchen, kids play room, my computer room and in my bedroom. I almost always have one of them on but I'm not necessarily watching it. I think the sound is probably comforting to me. I don't feel alone which is pretty funny coming from "Momma" with kids running everywhere all night long. But still sometimes it can drown out all the running around they do and that's not a bad thing either. The one in my bedroom is the least used on though. We watch an occasional porn on it and if all the other tvs are being used I'll seek refuge and watch it if something interesting is on.
ZenaidaMacroura ZenaidaMacroura
My home (which is also my bf's family's house) has a TV in the living room, and my bf also has one in our room. I moved in with him, so I'd rather not change things from how he likes them, but I definitely don't like having a TV in the bedroom. It just seems to take away from our alone time. I like cuddling and talking. He likes having the TV on when we cuddle. But we can't talk that way. If I try, he gets distracted or only half listens. It's frustrating. I'm a firm believer in no TV in the bedroom.
kawigrl kawigrl
i used to have 1 in each bedroom
toxie m toxie m
I hate televisions and I turn them off whenever I can. I would definitely not be okay with one in my kitchen. For the moment there's one in the living room and one in the basement, but when I have my own place I doubt I'll have one, or have one without any channels just to watch movies on.
married with children married with children
I have 2 tv's. they are used mostly for movies and games. I would like to put on in my shop, but it gets too dusty in there.
Brandi Rouxxx Brandi Rouxxx
I really could care less if it's on or not. I like the quiet. The only time it's on is when my husband or kids are watching it. I've never really been a big tv person.
Annemarie Annemarie
I live with my father currently, and there's one in the living room (an old beastie monster with fake wood paneling and attached rabbit ears [and no, not the good, vibrating kind]) and one in my bedroom (a decent-sized HD flat panel).

My partner and I have already discussed this and while we're fine with a TV in the living room and mancave, we won't be having a TV in the bedroom.
AAAToyGirl AAAToyGirl
I have a huge plasma in the living room, but my computers are on the floor below, and the bedrooms are on the third floor, while the living room is in the middle floor. So I only really have the tv on when I'm in the middle floor.
Redboxbaby Redboxbaby
We have a TV in the living room and our bedroom. I DVR all the shows I like to watch, which I can count on one hand. I watch them in spurts, otherwise the TV is off. I can't stand it on for no reason.
namelesschaos namelesschaos
There is not TVs in my bedroom , I took it out, but there are I everyone else. There is a big screen in the dinning/living room area that is completely visible from the kitchen.
K101 K101
I'm not too big on TV, I have a couple of shows I like, but I don't watch them everyday. We have a TV in the living room and my bedroom. I used to keep my TV off in the room, but when my anxiety first developed I found it to be a little comforting to keep it on and now it stays on, but I'm hardly ever paying attention to it. I like to keep it on while I sleep so that when I wake up I'm watching or listening to Creflo Dollar preach and I listen to Joyce Meyer preach too. Sometimes I'm just going to sleep in the 6-7 am hours so I like listening to them before sleeping. It's relaxing and helps me to be reminded of The Word when I first wake up.
chidoll chidoll
Living room and my bedroom. I usually have the tv on in whichever part of the house I'm in, mostly for the background noise and company. I'm alone for the greater part of the morning and afternoon and it gets lonely. There are a few shows I watch, but they're all at night when I'm relaxing in the living room, when I wouldn't be doing anything except knitting or writing, anyway, and I can do those just as well while multitasking.
Liz2 Liz2
Living room and bedroom but most of the time, it is just background noise. Since I recently moved to a more quiet area, the TV is on much less.
Bunnycups Bunnycups
I only have the TV on when there is something I want to watch, but I have turned the TV on when leaving the house. I think it makes my cat feel less alone.
SexyLilPixi SexyLilPixi
I have one in the bedroom & one in the living room, but have been longing for one of those mini ones that mount from the cabinets for my kitchen.
PinkPedal PinkPedal
We only have one and its in out living room
Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
I have one in my living room and one in my bedroom. When I was in a relationship, the one in the bedroom was rarely on, but I use it to lull me to sleep now. And if I'm working in the living room or kitchen I tend to keep the living room tv on just for the noise.
P'Gell P'Gell
We have a large screen plasma type TV in our living room, for the entire family. We have a very small tube TV in our bedroom. Our children are not allowed to have TVs in their rooms until they are 18. Our middle child has a TV, but as we won't hook it up to cable, she doesn't really use it. (She has two laptops, so she only uses it occasionally for videos.)

We have a TV in our bedroom, because sometimes we let the kids use the living room TV, and we go upstairs or the opposite. Also, I don't feel comfortable watching porn in our living room, so the small TV in our bedroom has a DVD player with it. The DVD/video VCR machine in our living room is not compatible with HD TV, so it plays in weird colors and configurations and we can't afford a new DVD player. So, DVDs are out downstairs.
Miss Morphine Miss Morphine
We have them in the living room and craft/game room. If I want to watch stuff in my room I use my laptop.
ToyGurl ToyGurl
I actually just made a forum discussion about eating dinner, and this reminds me of it because in my old house our kitchen and living room was connected. We had a large large large screen TV literally feet away from the dinner table. We always had to turn it off before dinner or my father would go nuts.

Now in my apartment we have a small TV in the kitchen thanks to my roommate. She is just always watching TV. And we each have a TV in our bedrooms, but they are small plasma TVs. We wanted to put one in the main room when you walk into the apartment, but it just didn't seem necessary. We both have large rooms and there's no need for it.

My fiance and I are looking at the house we want to buy after the wedding and we both thing that we should only have one TV in the living room, and my small plasma can come with us for the bedroom. I don't see a reason to have a TV in the kitchen. It is just distracting.
Selective Sensualist Selective Sensualist
We don't have even the most basic cable (read: we have access to zero television channels). We haven't had even the most basic cable in almost seven years. Even when we did have cable, I NEVER turned on the television, and I would only watch when someone else already had a program on that piqued my interest. When we did have cable, if I'd come home and find the television on, I'd always turn it off. The sound of it when I'm not watching something fascinating drives me nuts. I hate the noise. If I want background "noise," I'll listen to some wonderful music. I would much rather read or look up specific things that interest me on the Internet than watch television anyway.

Even though we don't have cable, we do have a rather large television in our living room. But we only use it to watch the occasional movie on DVD. (I used to watch movies much more often when we had a Blockbuster mailing order account.) We live in an apartment that comes standard with a small television in the kitchen, but it is useless to us since we don't have cable, so I forget that it is even there. It's just one more thing to gather dust and grease in my kitchen---and therefore just one more thing to clean.
sexyk515 sexyk515
i have them in all my rooms but the bathroom
liilii080 liilii080
We have one in the living room, one in the guest room (that is not connected to cable-just a DVD player), and one in my partner's office (also rarely on). I watch a fair amount of TV but I could definitely go without it.
tickle me pink tickle me pink
We've always had one in the living room and for awhile we had one in our bedroom (but we rarely watched that one). Recently the one in our bedroom has been moved to our guest bedroom so my husband can watch it while he plays on his computer.
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