Which should i get?

Which should i get?

TheSlyFox TheSlyFox 11/13/2011

Well, i'm going to get me a tablet soon, and i am not sure if i want a Kindle Fire, one of the new Nook Tablets, OR an Ipad 2.. Suggestions?

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TheSlyFox TheSlyFox
I'm wanting something that can read books, and use apps and stuff, yet be semi-affordable.. I'm still considering the Ipad heavily though, just don't know yet.
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Ryuson Ryuson
The iPad's been out longer, so I know more people who are happy with it! I really don't know anyone with the Kindle Fire since it just came out!
T&A1987 T&A1987
what are tablet's really used for? Internet searching on the go is done with phones and writing is still the domain of laptops and desktops. Do tablets really do anything that can't be done by a cheaper, existing product?
Starkiller87 Starkiller87
I love my Ipad. I won mine in a sweepstake but if I had known how much Id use it, I would have bought one myself. I use it to read, to go online, to take notes, to watch netflix, to shop, just about everything. I use it way more than I use my desktop computer.
Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
I love the IPad, but it's not exactly affordable. It is great for reading, surfing the web, and has a ton of apps for every single purpose. I don't really know that much about the Kindle Fire or how it compares.
Mihoshi4301 Mihoshi4301
iPad is probably better for things like apps, but it's expensive so if you're mostly looking for something to read on, the Kindle is probably the best choice.
- Kira - - Kira -
I'm not voting because I'm not sure if you want to read more or use apps more and the vote really depends heavily on that.

I have a Kindle that I use when I want to read and an iPad I use for internet browsing, apps, everything else. The Kindle (the one I have, I haven't seen the new one) is not backlit and is better for extended reading periods. When I read, I read for hours on end, sometimes an entire day. I spend a lot of time on a backlit computer and wanted something that would strain my eyes less when I read. The Kindle is good for that. I feel like I am reading a book, not a computer screen. It doesn't give me a headache even after eight hours of reading. It's lightweight and easy to hold and use.

The iPad isn't as good for reading because it's backlit, but you CAN read on it if you can only get one device. You can't really role reverse though. If you get the Kindle, it's good for reading and that's it. The iPad is what I use pretty much every day for web browsing, checking the news, buying things online, checking my email, etc. It's attached to my hip almost as much as my phone is. It comes with me to appointments, work, and pretty much anywhere else I go. My Kindle? Not so much.

The downside to the iPad is the price, but in my opinion it is well worth what I paid for it. At one point I was using it as a day planner as well. I use Franklin Covey day planners, so it was saving me about $150/yr on planning stuff by using it that way alone. I ended up going back to the paper planner because actually writing things down seems to help me remember, but otherwise it works GREAT for planning.

You can also get note taking apps for iPad. If you're in school or have meetings at work you need to take notes for, you can type them or write them all on the iPad and never have to carry another piece of paper again. I use this for all my work meetings.

I'd give up my Kindle if I was forced to, but you'd have to pry my iPad out of my hands.

If you're JUST going to read on it, however, get the Kindle. Your eyes will thank you.
Errant Venture Errant Venture
Too, some books are store exclusives, so if you get a Nook, you couldn't get Kindle exclusives, and vice versa. However, with the iPad, you can download both apps, and have access to both (and others, though I can't think of one at the moment) store exclusives.
Breas Breas
I voted the Ipad 2 just because I have the Ipad 1 so maybe it's a bias vote.... I seriously wish we waited until the second one came out before we decided to purchase it!
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I chose kindle b/c there wasnt an other "option." We have an android tablet that we love. My hubby's anti anything "I" from Mac so that's the reason we have what we havew. Also, he's a computer technician and he knows what he's talking about. They have a lot of Ipad's at his public school that he works at and they do not have as many options as some of the android tablets do. I guess it depends on what your main use for using the tablet was going to be.
SiNn SiNn
Originally posted by TheSlyFox
I'm wanting something that can read books, and use apps and stuff, yet be semi-affordable.. I'm still considering the Ipad heavily though, just don't know yet.
kindle fire is better
voenne voenne
I've heard the Kindle is great, but you might get more use out of an iPad with all of its other features.
Gracie Gracie
I played with a Fire yesterday at the store. I wasn't all that impressed. I have an older model Kindle and I love it. I am tempted by the new Kindle Touch though. It will play games, but not aps (I've never tried one). Since I'm already invested in kindle books I'm staying, but I borrowed a friend's nook for a day and I liked it better that the fire. My mother said she would get me either fire or ipad for christmas, but I couldn't decide either. I think i'm getting a painting instead.
Chirple Chirple
I voted iPad, but it really depends on what you want to do with it.

The iPad is more versatile, but if the Kindle Fire meets your needs - go for it.

I'm not sure how the Fire is for reading, I've only used a basic Kindle in that regard. You could probably pick up a cheap one on Craigslist or eBay if that's all you needed, and get a computing tablet for that aspect of use.

Depends on what you want out of it.
hyperballad hyperballad
the ipad is basically a larger smartphone - I'd get the kindle if you're looking more for a gadget to read on than a small laptop/big phone
HannahPanda HannahPanda
I heard the kindles are INCREDIBLE.
K101 K101
My partner and I have been searching and reading reviews endlessly between ipad 2 and kindle. He wants to get me one for x.mas and we decided Kindle Fire had MUCH better features and better reviews and more to offer for someone like me. I prefer it mostly because it'll fit with my business and what I'll be using it for. I also like the reading features it has rather than the ipad 2. I can't wait!
Siekarr Siekarr
Originally posted by TheSlyFox
I'm wanting something that can read books, and use apps and stuff, yet be semi-affordable.. I'm still considering the Ipad heavily though, just don't know yet.
I don't have either, but my wife has the Fire and loves it!
Holly14 Holly14
The ipad is great for all that your looking for it is on the more expensive side but i think that once you use it you will be glad you spent the extra money.
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