A Reminder About Forum Posts

A Reminder About Forum Posts

Ansley Ansley
Hello, everyone!

This is just a little reminder for our veterans and a primer for our newest contributors (welcome!) There are a few rules and matters of etiquette our community is accostumed to...one is that posting graphic images is against the expectations of conduct. We strive to create an environment that is educational without subjecting people to unwanted images of graphic sexual acts or nudity.

Please try to keep back-to-back posts limited to three before someone posts after you. The general feedback from most community members is that seeing repetitive posts from one person makes them less likely to interact with that person in the future and/or engage with you at all. This negatively impacts the overall atmosphere of the community and is something I think we would all like to avoid.

If you have multiple questions about the same topic, please group them together in one post. It allows for more lengthy answers which can spark discussions involving differences of opinion which can often spring board into even more interesting discussions. We want to have fun, not feel like we're taking a survey.

Last but not least there is a wealth of information on sex in the news, the adult industry, toys and future products. Those snippets of information are great ways to start discussions on the forum.

For example, there have been three different moratoriums on production in the adult film industry in the last six months -- three different actors have been diagnosed as HIV positive. Starting a discussion about how this could, perhaps impact the overall industry. Would it drive more stars to start doing cam work instead of making films? Those kinds of discussions are interesting and relevant to our community as a fair amount of us enjoy porn.

Be creative, be silly, dig deep and post away! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Thank you!
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