How many friends have you turned on to Eden?

Contributor: indiechick indiechick
When my friends find out what my favorite hobby is I can get a range of reactions from: "WTF" "Why would you do that?" "That can't be safe/legal" and my personal favorite: "HOW DO I DO THAT?" People that are willing to admit they've been "turned on" to eden...probably a handful...but there are likely a few more that aren't as open as I am about it. So I want to know how much have you (that you know of) impacted the growth rate of EDEN?
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
0 No one in my life knows I do this
4  (10%)
0 No one in my life is interested / cares
5  (13%)
1-5 Probably a handful
22  (56%)
6-11 More than a handful less than a dozen
6  (15%)
12-36 maybe a few dozen
2  (5%)
36-75 I have a lot of kinky friends
More than 75 Eden wouldn't be here without me and my friends
Total votes: 39
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Contributor: PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
I have told my friends about Eden. Some of them act like they are not freaks though LOL. I also tell some of the girls I cam with about the site as well.
Contributor: MissCandyland MissCandyland
Maybe a handful of people.
Contributor: bratcat bratcat
I constantly am telling my friends and referring them to eden! i actually spent the other night out with friends and three of us ended up on our phones looking on EF comparing toys and talking about what ones we like or would like to try.
Contributor: GirlOnGirl GirlOnGirl
I've told a lot of friends about EF but most don't get as into it as I am!
Contributor: mdnght mdnght
I'm not entirely sure, but I'd say maybe two or three, personally? I've also pimped EF out on my blog, so probably at least a few more than that...
Contributor: butts butts
Quite a few, probably 6-7 so far. I always promote EF to friends
Contributor: Lioncub Lioncub
A lot of my friends know about it and I have given out the link. If they have joined or not I do not know. They don't know my screenname on here and I wouldn't want to know their's if they joined.
Contributor: LaSchwartz LaSchwartz
a few friends.
Contributor: The Vixen The Vixen
Unfortunately, I don't have any friends that would be interested in EF.
Contributor: Kitka Kitka
Just a few so far.
Contributor: Septimus Septimus
So far, just 1. But she's starting to poke around the site and learn what things are about.
I'm hoping she'll join the review program and get some awesome toys!
Contributor: ChubbyNerd ChubbyNerd
I've only told one person about Eden, and he finally caved in and made an account because I was always talking about it, haha.
Contributor: Incendiaire Incendiaire
I think I've sent about 4 people here, but I'm only aware of one who actually opened an account in the end.
Contributor: srexom srexom
I don't think anyone really cares much about it.
Contributor: Lildrummrgurl7 Lildrummrgurl7
I've told many people but I think four or five have joined.
Contributor: BlooJay BlooJay
I don't talk about it with people.
Contributor: *Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
I have brought a good number of people here and some are still active and some aren't as active
Contributor: Zombirella Zombirella
Probably about 4, now if they have bought from here, I don't know. But I have told them about it, even got a few things for two of them from here.
Contributor: twelve13 twelve13
One or two.
Contributor: Adnerbmw Adnerbmw
I cant say exactly how many people use this site now because of me because most of my friends wouldnt admit to ordering this stuff even if they did, but i do tell all my friends to use it because its better than going into some sleazy sex shop and dealing with some creepy clerk or feeling nervous someone will come in that knows you (not that these are my problems) and you can read tons of reviews, ask questions about the items if you want to and you have access to this large awesome community/family. I love eden, its a great site.
Contributor: OFWife OFWife
Since I just recently stumbled upon this site, I've only told 2 of my friends. I'm not very social. Lol!
Contributor: bayosgirl bayosgirl
None. No one knows, except my husband and he has no time or interest.
Contributor: spiced spiced
I answered "No one in my life knows I do this", but that's not 100% true. My wife knows, and, if we count online "friends", then I've told quite a few people. I've recommended Eden MANY times in other sex forums.

But I don't talk much about sex — much less sexually-oriented websites — with real-life friends.
Contributor: rosythorn rosythorn
One person told me about the site so she knows. As soon as a bachorlette party comes up I`ll probably let people know. Esp if it is my party then I have a giant wishlist for them to look through!
Contributor: nimr nimr
I've mentioned it to a few people, but I don't think any have become users.
Contributor: geliebt geliebt
Only one or two. Not many of my close friends are super interested in sex toys (weirdos!).
Contributor: Silverwinds Silverwinds
Other! I only just let others now like a week ago, so there hasn't really been time to get people hooked :3
Contributor: WestTexasBarbie WestTexasBarbie
So far, only a couple, but I have just now had time to really promote it and let the people that I am close to into my little secret.
Contributor: TheirPet TheirPet
I've turned on a handful. They really like it though not as much as I do, apparently.