Who gets the better "shaft" in sex toys: Men or Women? Do women get the better toys? Men have the better toys?

Contributor: El-Jaro El-Jaro
Twice yesterday I heard a woman say/type "I wish I had a penis to enjoy this toy". The first was the Tanga Flip and the other was on Yeti's review for the fleshlight with lips.

My initial response was "You have a lot more easily accessible goodies to play with. Men have two, the front and the back; not all men go for the back." Women have g-spots (men p-spots), a clit with a bazillion nerve endings (men have the less sensitive glans), etc.

I KNOW there's no official answer to this and its all speculative and subjective.
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
Women have it better. Most toys are made for women in mind
124  (79%)
Men have it better. Fewer options but easier instructions
6  (4%)
Have you ever seen a llama kiss a llama on the llama. Llama's llama tastes of llama. llama llama duck
24  (15%)
2  (1%)
Total votes: 156
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Contributor: Kynky Kytty Kynky Kytty
I don't know really. Sometimes, I tell myself that it would be cool to be a man and try a masturbator or have a cool prostate massager and enjoy it.

But it's true that there is a huge variety of sex toys for women out there, but the scale of quality goes from very very cheap to medical grade materials. But, if you look at the anal prostate massagers or anal vibrators for men, they tend to be of very high quality. Maybe it has to do with the shopping habits between women and men. Men don't want to be screwed. ;P (Hahaha, me likes that pun).

There are toys for women that could also be used on men, but that the pink girly colors make it a little awkward to buy if you are a man. I'm sure the clit teasers could be really nice when used to tease a man's penis on a low setting, like a butterfly effect. Why not? I think the side toys can be adapted for men, but no one has ever taken the time and the money to invest there. Unless I am mistaken, the market is mostly for women...
Contributor: Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
I really wanted to be a llama! But then I clicked on the wrong option. Silly me.

Even though certain toys are marketed towards women, certain ones towards men, plenty of toys are technically gender-neutral, like Kynky Kytty mentioned. Most G-spot toys can be used for P-spot stimulation, and vice versa, though putting a toy in the back-door when it's not designed for it can definitely be risky. Same with other types of dildos and vibrators.

In terms of "this toy was meant for...", though, women definitely get a larger variety of things to choose from that are, more and more, engineered specifically for their anatomy.
Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
Well, women have more options and designs but it often seems like sex toys made for P-spot stimulation are so much better and more specifically made. There might be fewer but fewer of them but there's less crap being passed off. Then again, take a look at masturbators and you'll see the whole range from shittacular to mantastic and there's definitely a lot of them. I think it depends on the angle you're looking at.

Also, I voted llama. I love that song
Contributor: Sammi Sammi
I didn't know that was a song
Contributor: Backseat Boohoo Backseat Boohoo
Women definitely get more options, more unique toys, and just a better selection overall...but one could easily argue that there's less of a taboo about male masturbation than there is about female masturbation. So it could go either way.

And besides, I like llamas.
Contributor: Liz2 Liz2
Totally more options for women. Beyond toys, women have the option for sexy lingerie, body adornments and overall just more pleasure zones to be satisfied. And yes, if a women feels penis deprived there is always the strap-on potential.
Contributor: Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
Originally posted by Sammi
I didn't know that was a song
It's the Llama Song!

Contributor: Kinky Skier Kinky Skier
i love the fact that i have a penis to stick into things, but really women have it better. I cant imagine being a girl, i would be such a "size" chick, getting bigger and bigger dildos.
Contributor: Sundae Sundae
I think it's a bit of a trade off. Women have more options when it comes to masturbation because you can dream up more things to stick in you than you can stick yourself into. Plus, I think many women have trouble using just their hands to masturbate to orgasm, or simply prefer to have some help in that department. At least men generally seem well equipped to go by themselves.
Contributor: Pandahb Pandahb
I've never kissed a llama. Though I don't know if I would want to.

Contributor: Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Llamas spit but Alpacas are friendly and fun to kiss! Course an Alpaca needs a protector while a Llama can kill a mountain lion...so if you are into really strong badass type pack bearing animals the Llama is your best choice. Besides Llama is so much fun to say and sing about!

Now onto the question: I do think it's a bit more acceptible in our society for a woman to have "toys" cause men are supposed to be only interested in sticking it in and rolling over to go to sleep. Stupid really but there it is! Most people will say it's cause a woman doesn't have an off switch while men cum once and are done. Personally, I've never met a man who turned off after ejaculation or didn't like a long drawn out warm up period but then maybe I'm lucky.
The types, forms and permutations of toys meant for women are legion! I have to agree with the others though, most of the male toys are higher quality and work well for women as well (excluding masturbators) also my guys both agree that a vibrator marketed for women can be WONDERFUL for stimulating the frenulum, testicles, taint, and rimming (penetration without a flared base is dangerous). For the adventurous man or couple just about any female toy can be turned into a lovely toy for a guy though having a toybox of pink and sparkly toys for a single man might raise some eyebrows. I would be impressed if I saw a guy with his own toybox and maybe a little jealous...
Contributor: OhMy! OhMy!
We agree with most of you that women definitely have the upper hand in options, but the quality of the options is sometimes lacking. However, men's toys definitely win in the battery department. Many of the toys do not require batteries, and are truly manually operated - unlike the hundreds of bullets, dildos, and other goodies for women.

That said, one thing we have noticed is that women are more likely to talk about their toys to another woman. Men - not so much. It seems it is less taboo for a woman to have an arsenal of toys (and talk about it) than it is for a man. This is certainly not something guys bring-up while playing golf, but we have certainly heard women talk about it over drinks at a bar.
Contributor: P'Gell P'Gell
I do think women have more options. Look at the composition of reviewers and contributors on this site. About 80-90% women.

My Man didn't even know there were masturbators for men, he thought only cock rings or anal toys were available. I'd get him one, but he didn't seem interested. He really needs to spend more time here. He just kind of looks over my shoulder once in a while, then gets horny, and then I have to log off....quickly!
Contributor: Envy Envy
I think women do. There's waaaaaay more available and not all men are into anal, so then they're limited to just sleeves.
Contributor: Valyn Valyn
I think there's much less demand for mens' toys, so there's a wider option for women. I got my guy a Fleshlight and he likes it, but most days, it's just easier to do it manually than to: get the thing out, rinse it before using, use it, spend 10 minutes running warm water through it, letting it air dry, maybe putting cornstarch, etc etc etc... see what I mean? Most of my toys I just wash before and after real quick, pat dry, and put away.
Contributor: YoungCouple YoungCouple
Originally posted by P'Gell
I do think women have more options. Look at the composition of reviewers and contributors on this site. About 80-90% women.

My Man didn't even know there were masturbators for men, he thought only cock rings or anal toys were available. ...
I think that women have more options too, but I wonder if men or women design the toys, and if men are designing, how do we know they are good?

And this reviewer is 80% Male, 20% Female, and the 80% male portion is saying that a dildo is a LOT easier to clean than a fleshlight. So after millenia of chauvinistic societies I say girls, enjoy your far superior toys! This is one field gals will always have the edge in (in our generation anyway).
Contributor: Blinker Blinker
What the fuck is that llama shit?
Contributor: onehotmomma onehotmomma
I'm going to say Women have the better toys. Just yesterday my bf was complaining that it isn't fair women have all sorts of different toys to play with, and the men supply is very limited.
Contributor: MuffysPinguLove MuffysPinguLove
Originally posted by Blinker
What the fuck is that llama shit?
It's from the "llama song"
Contributor: lexical lexical
I have this argument all the time. A lot of men feel completely gypped by the sex toy industry and think that women get to have all the fun. I disagree. I think that men have really great, innovative toys these days! There are so many that I truly wish I could try. Especially some of the masturbators. But they also have some really incredible, tastefully-designed p-spot toys and other fun things. If I were a guy, though...I'd really like to see some more focus on vibrating toys for men. I know my ex loved vibrations, but I had to get creative with my own toys in order to make it happen!
Contributor: Illusional Illusional
Originally posted by P'Gell
I do think women have more options. Look at the composition of reviewers and contributors on this site. About 80-90% women.

My Man didn't even know there were masturbators for men, he thought only cock rings or anal toys were available. ...
Lol, teehee!
Contributor: Avant-garde Avant-garde
The best that men have are the fleshlight, tenga and cobra libre. Woman on the other hand have far more variety in their choices.
Contributor: null null
Men have more choices if they are open trying to trying new things, ie: anal. Otherwise the number of options for women is significantly larger.
Contributor: csweatc csweatc
Originally posted by Avant-garde
The best that men have are the fleshlight, tenga and cobra libre. Woman on the other hand have far more variety in their choices.
I would actually say that the best men have are various prostate massagers and plugs. The orgasms you can get from these are way better than what any masturbator can do for you. Most men aren't open to putting things in their butts though.
Contributor: DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
Men and women both can use penetrative toys, but I won't ever have the right anatomy to use a fleshlight the way they're supposed to be used!
Contributor: Kim! Kim!
I think that women have it better, there seems to be more toys specialized to our anatomy. Look at all of the rabbits out there! Men aren't completely lacking if they're willing to be open to things though. I know plenty of men who won't use any toys.
Contributor: hornypoet69 hornypoet69
It always make me sad to see a dildo or vibrator that I can't use because it doesn't have a flared base. I'd say women have it better, because they can use any insertable, whereas us men have to worry about about it getting "lost". Also it seems that vaginas are much better at taking large phallic objects/penises, without pain or prep. Plus I would love a self-lubricating asshole.
Contributor: Kiwi Kiwi
LLAMA SONG! As for the question, I think that the majority of sex toys are made with women in mind. However, there are certainly many options for men as well. It is also worth noting that while sex toys for women are becoming more and more widely accepted and seen as somewhat empowering, sex toys for men are still taboo in many social circles.
Contributor: M121212 M121212
In all honesty, it's difficult to compare...