Fleshlight vs Others: are they worthy of the fame?

Fleshlight vs Others: are they worthy of the fame?

soccer soccer 09/13/2012

Are fleshlights as good as people say?

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soccer soccer
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Trysexual Trysexual
Fleshlights are awesome. Just get one.
sjclayton2912 sjclayton2912
Definitely go for the Fleshlight, you won't be disappointed!
Checkmate Checkmate
I've tried several different masturbators, and to date fleshlights top the list.
lokidies lokidies
NEVER DOUBT THE FLESHLIGHT and yea they're pretty good.
mustardlyman mustardlyman
I used to own a couple of fleshlights but threw them out after I discovered Meiki. In my opinion its not even fair to compare them, the Meiki is far superior in every way.
RememberMe RememberMe
Tenga for teh win!
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