Do you have an "unusal" way to spice up the start of your day?

Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
The youngest couple in our "Friday Night Free Speech Dinner Club" only attend every two months or so, since shortly after becoming our 16 couple they moved out of town, so we don't get all their stories weekly. When they came in town this past Friday and joined us, we had a great earful. They had the floor, and everyone's attention all night.

One thing they talked about was her (Samantha's) idea to "spice up their morning routine". They both work together, so drive in together. They have a large double shower, and wake, shower at the same time.

Since they are both seriously kinky water sports fans (all kinds...the only couple we know with a "high colonic board", I now hear). Anyway, their new morning routine, which she says she "adores" is that they wake, brush their teeth first (so they can kiss with good breath)!!! Then get in the shower. At that point he "must" give her an all over shower with his morning pee....wherever she wants his spray. At that point, she claims she is so hot and "wet", he either gets hard right away or else she sucks him hard, then he will penetrate her, either from behind or while she straddles him, standing. Only then will she release her pee, all over his legs. Then on comes the water and they get good and soapy will screwing.

If he happens to have a "morning woody", then they will start with the screwing. She may pee while he does that, and then they move on to his bladder emptying, once he has cum, and then the water shower goes on.

Okay, not our idea of a standard morning routine, but it sure works for this happy couple (Just had their 12th anniversary, I think).

So, anyone else have an unusual "spice technique" to share?
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