Sex night with me and the wife.

Sex night with me and the wife.

Istanbull Istanbull
Thanks to all those who have offered advice and have been putting up with my relentless post about my marital whoas. I figure I'll start a thread on me and the wife's sex life play-by-play.

A month ago I told me wife that we need a set day to have some intimacy and sex. I picked Saturday nights because it was the one night she can't really make any excuses. I also decreed that except for special accasions, all friends are to be gone by the time the kids go to bed. Out of four weeks we had sex the first time, she wanted sleep the next two, and last week we had it.

Tonight is our night again and tomorrow is my B-Day. We're going out on a family fun day and hope to be back by mid-afternoon for the kid's naps. A friend who we haven't seen in a long time wants to hang out.

I'll post what happened sometime after midnight. Suggestions are welcome. I'll check here when I can and sneak a look at responses. Please wish me luck and lets see if we can make this 3 out of 5.

FYI. I've already told her that what I want for my birthday will cost nothing.
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