What is an unusual thing you have done to "spice it up"? Please share ideas!!!!

What is an unusual thing you have done to "spice it up"? Please share ideas!!!!

Bignuf Bignuf
My hubbies job has a hotel next door so out of town visitors to the business have a place to stay. One day (it may have been his birthday), I spoke with his manager and arranged for him to have no afternoon "assignments" so he could take a LONG birthday lunch. His manager came to find him, told him that he was to take a two hour lunch, as a "birthday surprise" and handed him a card from ME (manager assumed I was taking him somewhere for a nice lunch...ha, ha. I sort of was). SO...inside the card is a KEY to the hotel next door, with the room number, and "meet me at noon".

When he arrived, I met him at the door, in sexy lingerie and, being a considerate wife, had a beautiful lunch of his FAVORITE things, ready "picnic style" for him, in the room. He could eat it, eat me, and we had a solid hour and a half left to PLAY.

I was told he had a "cat ate the canary" grin on his face, all afternoon.

It was WORTH the $100 for the hotel room!!!!

SO...anyone else have any "ideas or suggestions" for SPICING IT UP a bit, that are creative???

Thanks for sharing. Always on the lookout for NEW ideas.
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