Face versus No Face

Contributor: KBToys24 KBToys24
I've been watching all the video reviews lately (blame insomnia) and was curious to see if ya'll have a preference for video reviews. I've noticed that I do prefer watching reviews from people who show their face (Carrie Ann, Jenn, SydVicious, AKAme, etc).

Definitely interested in hearing what you all think. Since Carrie Ann posted about the change in video reviews I have a feeling we'll be seeing more (I will definitely be doing some here soon) and this could help some of us who are going to be first timers.
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I prefer reviewers who show their face.
SydVicious , Victoria , Carrie Ann , KBToys24 , SexyTigerX , cottoncandy , J's Alley , xsapphirexangelx , trios , ♥ Amanda ♥ , angsaysrawr , Alicia , Fun Lover , Lady Venus , BrokeNHorny , Laura , Miss Naughty Kitty , deltalima , asdfg , Anally Fixated , ZenaidaMacroura , Raggedy Andie , maskineri , Emma (Girl With Fire) , Lindz86 , fghjkl , MasterBlaster , Canabal , Taylor , clp , Xavier7 , TheSinDoll , Happy Camper , skunked , Sex'и'Violence , dezzydezire , Trillian , pfoof , CreamySweet , aliceinthehole , fizzygato , KrazyKandy , Silverwinds , Allison.Wilder
44  (19%)
I don't have a preference.
~LaUr3n~ , MuffysPinguLove , sarahbear , Sundae , Sir , VictoriaRose , Luvasaurus , Gary , Gardenvy , Luscious Lily , EffinSara , Kaijah , Jul!a , Sammi , jakjak , Airen Wolf , deceased , Naughty Student , Darling Dove , Heartthrob , Owl Identified , Angel deSanguine , removedacnt , Andromeda , Liz2 , imp , Backseat Boohoo , GNGenie , Miss Cinnamon , ToyTimeTim , LuLu Love , cherryredhead88 , Arabella Eve , softcoeur , harohunter , Kim! , Sidewinder , bzzingbee , Hannah Savage , Lustful Dreams , Blinker , PassionQT , MyWifeExposed , Misfit Momma , her.royal.redness , Coralbell , Envy , Annemarie , kck , beautifulpierced , SexyySarah , fatesrelease , Splendwhore , AVDisco , sexysweetieshan , Sanjay , Love Buzz , The Giveaway Diva , Darling Jen , Kindred , Sera , tim1724 , B8trDude , MeghanLeigh003 , EndlessFrost , DeliciousSurprise , PurpleBerry , Keegski , Alan & Michele , Bon Bon , ToyGeek , twistedheartsx , Libra , Adriana Ravenlust , Hot'n'Bothered , Selective Sensualist , Illusional , namelesschaos , PussyGalore , darthkitt3n , LikeSunshineDust , SexyTabby , BBW Talks Toys , ShanShan83 , Lummox , Porfiriato , loveshocks , KnK , TiffyPixie , C4ss , Research , Eeyor89 , Jobthingy , Beaners , leatherlover , Elias McLovin , Airekah , celibacysucks , popples , Tart , rdytogo , potstickers , seaofneptune , lemony , Nicky , Lucidity , HollisJ , Jenniae09 , Crystal1 , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , Fuzzycow , mystepmotherisafish , Moein , Redboxbaby , zeebot , dhig , indiglo , Ivy Wilde , CharlieBrown , padmeamidala , Bunnycups , TameTemptress , tickle me pink , Maeby , lovemuscle n cookie , curmudgeoncat , Wondermom , Eva Schwaltz , Rin (aka Nire) , Noira Celestia , Petite Valentine , kelaaa33wish , froggiemoma , Nissa Nissa , dudemeister , Ms. Spice , Fuck it. , Kitty Grub , Lily Night , Ghost , Jenyana , ms.anon , Beck , Kkay , newfoundlust , Rossie , Angelica , ScarlettSeraph , Valentinka , Love Perpetua , Breas , TheHardOne , angel142stx , Princess-Kayla ♥ , Experiment , Bleu , Vanille , Kirill1171 , Trysexual , purpledesert , Strider , Gleb , Artur Sergachev , PropertyOfPotter , leanright69 , 1001 Pleasures , raffi , SydneyScreams , MissMandii , FieryRed , Zombirella , mpfm , ChubbyNerd
173  (75%)
I prefer when reviews don't show their face.
Ajax , Alura Une , petite-n-sweet , Passionate Pastor , Antipova , gorgeous
6  (3%)
Kinky Skier , LicentiouslyYours , sophie2229 , kinky girlfriend , Red Vinyl Kitty , P'Gell , MaryExy , purpleflower1972
8  (3%)
Total votes: 231
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Contributor: ~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
I don't really have a preference, although I do get curious when someone doesn't show their face lol.

I am fixing to do my first two in the next few days and am wondering myself if I should show face or not...I mean I do show it in my avatar. BUT, that can easily be changed if i think someone may be on the site that I don't want to see it (e.g. a family member or something).

But I will take into consideration that you prefer these type. You want face...maybe I'll show some face lol.
Contributor: sarahbear sarahbear
I don't care if the reviewer shows their face. My only preference is that they speak clearly and loudly enough that I can make sense of what they're saying. And also, at least try to seem interested in the product they're talking about. If you're going to be on camera, rather than just shoot the toy and add captions, don't just mumble through the whole review.
Contributor: Sundae Sundae
I think so long as your personality shines through and you speak well and create an interesting video it doesn't matter. I personally don't do reviews with my face in them right now as I know they go up on YouTube etc. and I need that little extra bit of privacy, even if it isn't much. I think it's easier to feel engaged with a reviewer if you see their face and facial expressions, but not essential. I'd agree that some of the more lacklustre video reviews I've watched have just been hands groping around and difficult to hear audio or captions that don't really tell me anything much.
Contributor: Kinky Skier Kinky Skier
I don't have a preference, though when I start doing my video reviews, I probqbly won't show my face.
Contributor: SydVicious SydVicious
I always like to see the reviewers face....but if they have a really interesting video it doesn't really matter. I don't really know why I like to see peoples face, but I am less likely to watch a movie if someone doesn't show their face. It kind of makes me uncomfortable to be watching someones video that is pointed, usually at their chest and cuts off their head. It makes me feel like I'm watching something that I shouldn't be.
Contributor: Victoria Victoria
I like facial expressions - they tell the story as much as a person's words do, for me at least. I think tone, facial expression and body language are helpful - but foremost, really, is video quality and speaking clearly!
Contributor: jewgasm jewgasm
It really doesn't matter to me as I completely understand why people would not want to show their face. I agree with sarahbear on speaking loudly, clearly and at least seem interested in making the video for the product.
Contributor: Sir Sir
I enjoy to see a face, but since this is a sex toy website and some people are trying to keep their identity private, I have no problem with it. And some people just prefer to not show their face, fully understandable.

Some of the best videos were only of people using their hands - no body or face.
Contributor: VictoriaRose VictoriaRose
I don't care either way about seeing someone's face since the most important is being able to hear what they say clearly. I think it is important to understand that with these types of products, some people need to be private. After all, no one wants to sit down for Thanksgiving Dinner and have their cousin Billy say, hey I saw you demonstrating that 8 inch vibrator on the net, glad it made you feel good!
Contributor: Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
I prefer to see a face because I enjoy the personality that shines thru but, at the same time, there are a lot of videos I love that do not show face.

So while it's a preference, I enjoy the other type too.

I should have picked other.. Heh
Contributor: Gary Gary
It is all about the delivery. If a review doesn't show anyone's face, I only really notice if it seems too deliberate; like if they are going out of their way to NOT show there face. If the focus is mainly on the toy, or the concept of the video I don't even really notice.
Contributor: Gardenvy Gardenvy
I really don't care if I see their face, or whole body for that matter. All I care about is the video quality. Quality not Quantity friends! I have noticed a few reviewers might need to invest in a tripod or a web cam that has a stand. Shaky hands make the videos very lame to watch.
Contributor: LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
It really does depend on the video, for me. I love seeing the faces, but i've seen videos that are just as effective and entertaining without seeing someone's face.

I know privacy is a priority for many, so as long as they find a way to make it fun to watch... I'm happy!
Contributor: Sammi Sammi
Privacy is important for a lot of people (including myself), so if there's no face, it's no big deal. I think the videos can be great either way.
Contributor: Naughty Student Naughty Student
I really enjoy videos where you can see the persons face but both face/no face are good. Personally I wouldn't be comfortable to show mine bcs it's on the web and I wouldn't want anyone to recognize me causing me to have issues at work, etc.

If the review is intersting and the person is clear and keeps a rhythym I enjoy it. I don't like it when it sounds scripted though, it bores me quickly, it's just my opinion though. I prefer those in which the person speaks "naturally" about the product.
Contributor: Darling Dove Darling Dove
Although I am pro openness..
I am not okay with putting a video on here that shows my face, as opposed to, say, my blog where it is still public but I control it and can take it down or change it at any time, or password protect it or something.

I have put videos that show my face on my vanilla site which is linked to from my blog last I checked, so those who are painfully curious can know but I just do not think my face is important to be seeing in the vid. I don't even like showing my body. So I would put a video up that showed my face given that I controlled that vid but on a site like this where it'd be up forever, hell no..

Don't want my kids coming around 20 years later seeing mommy reviewing el jumbo dickasaurus or something.

To expand on this a bit I guess what I am saying is this is not a privacy issue as much as it is a control of information issue for me. Like I said, there are vids of me with my face out on the net, I don't really care, I didnt even know I had to pay for domainprivacy on my server so I get prank calls and shit all the time, prolly would get more if the site had more traffic. So I have given up on the privacy front, and my face is out there, I'm just not comfortable of my face being out there with close proximity to fake dicks and not being able to take it down whenever I want. If it was JUST a "I dont want my face on the net" issue, I'd already be royally fucked. It's on my msn display pic and everything xD
Contributor: Owl Identified Owl Identified
Yeah, I don't show my face because the videos are owned by Edenfantasys and they have full control over their use. For this reason, I prefer to keep myself anonymous. I mean...I'm entering law...no one takes a lawyer seriously if they know that she test drives dildos on the internets in her spare time
Contributor: Liz2 Liz2
I am fairly open and comfortable with my sexuality but I am on job interviews and would rather not be seen doing sex toy reviews. These days I can't take chances. On the other hand, one of my friends figured out that Liz2, on EF,is moi.
Contributor: imp imp
I don't show my face for the same reason you barely ever will see it on the blog. I value my privacy, however there are some places like Fetlife where my face exists on occassion I love the challenge of creating a video review that will engage people 'without' the need to see my face. Hopefully I do it well enough to entertain as well as get my points across.
Contributor: sophie2229 sophie2229
Most of the time I would definitely prefer a face and/or voice, which feels highly hypocritical since I don't put either in my reviews. However I think that reviews can still be effective without either component, as long as the reviewer takes time to really explain the product however he/she chooses.

I wish I didn't value my privacy so much otherwise I'd love to "talk into" the camera, I think it would be fun!
Contributor: Backseat Boohoo Backseat Boohoo
I don't have a preference. I hide my face because using my real name/showing who I am could damage my career. I know that some people have similar concerns.
Contributor: Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
Originally posted by Sir
I enjoy to see a face, but since this is a sex toy website and some people are trying to keep their identity private, I have no problem with it. And some people just prefer to not show their face, fully understandable.

Some of the best videos ...
This is pretty much how I feel about it.
Contributor: Gary Gary
This thread just got me to thinking... I have no problem with showing my face (obviously), but I have not shown my face in any of the videos I have made so far. I think I should start at least editing in random shots.
Contributor: Ajax Ajax
okay sooo I prefer watching videos where people do not show their face because if I watch a video and then go out and get the toy I tend to have flashes of the video review going through my head while I'm playing with the toy. And as hot as y'all are it still weirds me out :p haha

So that's totally just a personal issue. It's cool to see who's behind the reviews and such when it's a product I don't want or a product I'm buying for someone else. If I think I might want the product I just read the text instead of watching the video. Problem solved
Contributor: Jul!a Jul!a
I've soo been torn on this still, even after releasing a few video reviews myself. I prefer not to show my face, even tho I do have a fairly recognizable voice. But I can also tell when watching my own reviews where my facial expressions might have made certain parts better.
Contributor: angsaysrawr angsaysrawr
I'll have to say that I prefer when a reviewer shows their face because it allows you to connect with them. Not only that but you're able to gauge their personality just by watching them and as a result form a bond which encourages to watch future video reviews.
Contributor: Alicia Alicia
I prefer the ones where you can see the face, I guess it just helps to hold my attention when I can see the person talking and it feels more personable.

The face doesn't make or break the review though and I still like the ones without it. I personally prefer the ones where you can hear the person talking rather then just seeing the product and having captions because it helps me get to know the reviewer I think and really get a feel of how they liked the product. Although I've watched some pretty interesting ones without voice too. I just like video reviews period!

I started doing mine mostly with my face but sometimes my camera lighting just works better without it (it tries to auto focus too much) and I'll just angle it to not include my face. At first though I didn't like having my face on there because I didn't like my facial expressions and it was too hard for me to speak up and show the product without thinking "oh great Alicia you just made that stupid face again..now we have to start all over..." lol
Contributor: Jul!a Jul!a
Originally posted by Alicia
I prefer the ones where you can see the face, I guess it just helps to hold my attention when I can see the person talking and it feels more personable.

The face doesn't make or break the review though and I still like the ones without it. ...
But sometimes the 'stupid faces' are the things we love the most about the reviewer! lol
Contributor: harohunter harohunter
In watching reviews it doesn't really matter, but I feel adding the face does add to the video. I have seen great review with face and without face. But like angsaysrawr said it helps "connect" more and keeps me in tune. It also adds facial expressions when talking about certain points. I remember watching a review from AmandasView and reading the review. I remember her disappointment of a product through her facial expressions but I didn't get the same vibe when reading her review.