New Mentor Available!

New Mentor Available!

aliceinthehole aliceinthehole
If you're looking to write a fun and thorough review, but not sure how to cover everything, I'm your gal!

Needing a brush up on your writing skills? I've been writing and publishing since I was 7 and I'd love to help guide you to becoming the best reviewer you can.

Looking for a mentor to work with your schedule? To crank out review edits back to you as fast as you can write them? I'm your gal. I know what it's like to be antsy to get reviews edited and published, so you can be sure I'll treat you right.

Check out my reviews to see if you like my style, and I'm posting one of my videos for extra self promotion.

Pick me!

Just go to the Eden Fantasys Mentor List">link, scroll through the pages till ya find me! I'll be awaiting your request.

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