Another upgrade request

Another upgrade request

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Hello! I just submitted my first upgrade request, and I'd love it if you voted for me.

150 characters was really a challenge, I like to make sure I haven't left anything out, so here's the stuff that wouldn't fit:

I LOVE sex toys. Perhaps a little too much. I have an unfortunate tendency to see something I want NOW, and spend money without thinking about it - and then it's another month I eat nothing but kraft dinner.

I really really enjoy discussing things that people usually don't like to talk openly about - sex, sexuality, non-traditional relationships, fetishes, etc. The more I know, the better I feel, and there are so many different perspectives out there! It's fascinating.

I like telling people what I think. In detail, and sometimes at great length. To be able to do this somewhere where it's actually relevant and useful is really wonderful.

Finally, about me: I'm 22, of fluctuating sexuality (though usually some form of pansexuality), not currently interested in monogamy, and generally pretty weird. I'm somewhere in a math/art undergrad degree and I spend all my spare time making crafts and knitting. I like to dance.

So vote for me if you think it's a good idea! If you don't, I'd appreciate knowing why, so I can work on fixing that. Cheers!
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