BootyBandit: Upgrade Request

BootyBandit: Upgrade Request

Beneath The Bed Beneath The Bed
First of all we would like to say thanks to everyone who has voted on our reviews and given their words of encouragement, we sincerely appreciate them.

We figured that the 150 character limit was too constricting to actually explain why we should be allowed to become part of the EdenFantasy Advanced Reviewer category; so we figured we would write a little bit about ourselves here.

My partner and I are two sexually adventurous individuals who love exploring ways to further expand our bedroom boundaries. We both take delight in trying out new toys and gadgets together and would love to be given the opportunity to let others know how they can achieve the same. As we both share a passion for writing, some of the reviews will be written by one person exclusively, but we hope most will be a conjoint effort on our part!

Hopefully my time as journalist and writer for our local paper will also come in handy in formulating these reviews. After all isn’t jumping from reviewing books and movies to adult toys the next logical step for everyone! Plus that liberal arts education we both received has finally proven to be useful.

Anyway, we hope that those of you who haven’t had a chance to read our reviews will check them out and that others who are familiar with them will vote for us on the community page.

Thanks in advance and we look forward to joining your ranks.
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