Upgrade Request.

Upgrade Request.

BrittyBanks BrittyBanks
Just wanted to introduce myself to the community. My name is Brittany. I'm a 21 years old. Currently living with my boyfriend. He is the first partner I've had that is open to new things when it comes to the bedroom. We've just gotten into using sex toys in enhance our sex lives- and, I can admit both of us are thrilled with the turn out.

I've been here since Friday. I can already tell this community is amazing. I've been browsing around and just fell in love with so many items- and, come across some that I already have used.

I would love to be accepted into the advanced reviewer program. I couldn't think of anything more fun to do- review things that are enticing, toe curling and fun? Sign me up! I've so far placed a few reviews on items that I already have in my home. I'm currently browsing the site for more so I can place more reviews. I had a blast doing it these past few nights- and, the long formatted form surely does help.

If you would like- please read over my reviews. If you like what you see, I would ask of you to please vote on my upgrade request. I have two thus far.

Thank you!
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