Did I make a mistake with this plug?

Contributor: Supervixen Supervixen 11/25/2012

I enjoy anal sex, though it's something that I am not completely used to doing; an ex and I used to do it regularly, but it's something that the new guy and I just started getting into together (he wasn't terribly experienced, and was, I think, intimidated by the prospect of hurting me), and we've been living in different countries for the last five months, and we won't be reunited until January. Needless to say, my bum is still in the beginner's stage of what it's used to when it comes to penetration. He is larger than average, and I loved the way he felt inside me, so I thought, hey! Know what would be fun? To get my first butt plug to wear while he's penetrating me vaginally! So, I went and got the first plug that looked good to me, which is the Sexy Spades (medium), glass plug. Usually, I read reviews carefully for an item that I have my eye on, take a look at them in the comparisons, and decide from there. Somehow, I guess I just got excited and caught up in getting my first glass toy, my first plug, and something that just looks very pretty. Now I'm looking at the reviews, and it would appear that even the small is larger than desired for some.

Well, the medium is on the way with my next package, and if nothing else, it can be a plug that I work my way up to, but I'm disappointed if I did make the mistake of misjudging my bum's threshold and what looks like a gorgeous toy. Do you think I made a mistake? If I did, what plug would you recommend for a novice?

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Contributor: Supervixen Supervixen
If so, what should I get as a beginner who knows that she likes anal penetration?
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Contributor: Two Grand Two Grand
If you already have had anal sex, this plug is 3 1/4' insertable and 2' in diameter it may be large ror a begineer, but if you go slow and use p;enty of lube it may be alright. but 2' is a little large.
Contributor: ScottA ScottA
It's big, but give it a try (but DON'T be afraid to call it off if it's too big!)

Tips: warm it up in warm water first (100F) and wiggle and thrust.

For other toys: probably get one in the 1.5" diameter range with a longer taper.
Contributor: Trysexual Trysexual
njoy plugs
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Contributor: Girly Juice Girly Juice
If you go slowly and work your way up with smaller plugs, you'll get there eventually. Just don't force or rush it!
Contributor: nosrslylol nosrslylol
I have this plug, and for a beginner like myself? This was huge. I don't think you made a mistake, because in the worst case scenario, you can get a cheaper, smaller plug, but if you're a novice, you may be able work yourself up to it, right? Good luck in any case! I hope this works for you!
Contributor: spineyogurt spineyogurt
Its really big yeah i mean dont push yourself
Contributor: Bill220 Bill220
I have the large version and wouldn't even think of using it without a good warmup. The taper is just to short and abrupt to just pop it in. To warm up I use a plug with a nice long taper to it that has an ending diameter close to the Sexy Spades plug. I keep it inserted for 10-20 minutes to get things stretched and relaxed then switch over to the Sexy Spades.
Contributor: Why Not? Why Not?
If it turns out that you are not ready for it right now, you can always work up to it in the future. I have a toy that has languished in my toy box for a while because I am still working up to it. Hopefully it will fit your needs now, but if not, I'm sure there is something here what can.
Contributor: Supervixen Supervixen
Yeah...we'll see when it gets here, but I think my eyes were bigger than my bum on this one.
Contributor: Sima-pusya Sima-pusya
njoy plugs
Contributor: Beaners Beaners
I would absolutely second what ScottA said.
Contributor: Arlinnae Arlinnae
for me, definately would be too big.