Nexus Rider vs Nexus G-Play

Nexus Rider vs Nexus G-Play

Flash777 Flash777 10/15/2011

Which would be better for wearing around publicly?

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Flash777 Flash777
Which would be more comfortable?
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-BillD -BillD
Neither of these are exactly meant for extended wear. I would go with the tantus ryder and a pure plug. But if you are set on one of these two, the g-rider appears more fit for your needs.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
The G rider has a bigger base compared to the G-play so the G-play may be a better option for sitting. Neither one stays in all that well so unless you wear tight undies they are not the best for wearing around in public. For that something along the lines a real plug would be better, the Ryder and Pure Plug -BillD mentions are good choices and the Love Pacifier would work good too.
VSpot VSpot
I am a guy that has used one of the manual Aneros toys before but now I am looking at either the Nexus G Play or Nexus G Rider. Seriously... I am just a bit troubled when making the decision because the G Rider is pretty big. If the G Play Large is big enough and basically has the same vibration, I am thinking that the G Play is good enough. My question for someone here is... is the G Play Large going to be be enough to rock out your prostate or is the G Rider more or less the new necessary? Hoping for answers!

PS - Yes, I might want to leave it in at my computer sometimes but not exactly my main goal.
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