Which anal toy is better and why?

Which anal toy is better and why?

ladyred ladyred 07/23/2011

I like anal, and would like to buy a anal toy!!!

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ladyred ladyred
need to know about some good anal toys
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potstickers potstickers
Honestly those toys are so different from one another that you can't really compare them.
ScottA ScottA
Go silicone if you want a soft toy.
kinksters kinksters
i've used the buddy: it's a nice fit & fairly comfortable. some have found the tapering to be to slight to hold the plug in, but i haven't had this problem.
AvgJon AvgJon
I think the Buddy is the better of the group shown,
however I understand they tend to fall out.

Have you considered a solid stainless steel NJoy Pure Plug? Link
These are really nice and excellent quality..
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