Which spade is right?

Which spade is right?

sweetpea12 sweetpea12 04/23/2012

I am an intermediate anal toy user. I have bought beginners plugs and beads, and I like using them relatively often. But I really want a sexy glass spade toy. The only thing is I don't want to waste my money on a toy that's too small, but I don't want to buy a toy that's too big. Which one do you think I should get next?

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sweetpea12 sweetpea12
Which sexy spade size would you choose for an intermediate anal butt plug user? Could I handle the large??
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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
The Small is 1 1/2" diameter, the medium is 2" and the large is 2 3/8". So I guess it depends on how big you can or want to go. I will say that the large is just that, large. The nice part is that the tip is tapered so you could work up to the size of your choice with relative ease.

Also, remember that glass has no give, so if you can take 2" in a soft material it does not mean you can take a 2" in glass. I would subtract a 1/4" or so from what you can take.
Terri69 Terri69
I would go with the medium.
ScottA ScottA
In the Sexy Spades line the small is about what an ordinary "full size" plug measures, so if you're comfortable with 1-1/2" plugs, get that one.

If you're comfortable with a 1-3/4"+ plug then try the medium.

The large is very much an advanced toy. The bigger/closer to your limit you get the more noticeable a small change is.
DreamWolf DreamWolf
It really depends on the person in my opinion...
unfulfilled unfulfilled
It depends on what size you can take.
Clubbinseals Clubbinseals
medium looks good
WD40watcher WD40watcher
medium sounds good, but if you are hesitate get the small
Do emu Do emu
Originally posted by sweetpea12
Which sexy spade size would you choose for an intermediate anal butt plug user? Could I handle the large??
Medium. I'm not much of a size queen.
spineyogurt spineyogurt
The medium is actually fairly large
Sauceboss Sauceboss
crazycouple7281 crazycouple7281
mmmmm mmmmm
I would go with the medium.
BlooJay BlooJay
SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
Go with the medium
ellieprobable ellieprobable
It would have been useful to know what diameters of toys you've used before.
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