Realistic or No?

Contributor: Caprieclipse Caprieclipse
I love the feel of the realistic!
Contributor: K101 K101
I don't use dildos at all & I wouldn't ever use a realistic one. I have my partner for that...
Contributor: ChickRocking ChickRocking
Originally posted by Kaltir
Do you prefer a more realistic dildo? Or something different?
Love any kind. Ever type gives a different feeling, so it is fun to change it up and enjoy each one.
Contributor: Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
Hmm... Well, I don't own any realistic toys at the moment and I usually go for smooth toys, but I find myself really wanting a Spur VixSkin. I'm waiting for the "vanilla" to come back in stock.
Contributor: Vexed Vexed
I like playing with all of them as long as they are BIG, but I favor the realistics.
Contributor: dezzydezire dezzydezire
im not very picky i look at the size more that looks
Contributor: vanillaSpice vanillaSpice
Anything's good by me as long as it's not realistic. I guess it's not surprising since I'm a lesbian.
Contributor: Breas Breas
Im more into the non realistic for now
Contributor: Breas Breas
Originally posted by Bunnycups
I'm with zillahBeep.

The realistic ones are unsettling to me. It's like fooling around with a prosthetic limb.
I agree (for now) but would like to try a realistic in the future
Contributor: LuciFaery LuciFaery
I like a mix, but a good realistic toy is very nice.
Contributor: Kkay Kkay
Some with ridges, some without, but nothing realistic. Realistic dildos hit the uncanny valley for me hard.
Contributor: Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
I generally like non-realistic ones, or a stylized realistic-type dildo. For instance, I love dildos that have a pronounced head and some texture, but are brightly colored. Ones that are very realistic, with balls and the like, just freak me out (no offense to anyone who loves them!). It kind of makes me think of having a dismembered body part lying around, although I think one day I might get one, and I'll probably love it.
Contributor: Lucky21 Lucky21
I love the way realistic ones look!
Contributor: Starkiller87 Starkiller87
Im not into realistic ones for some reason.
Contributor: emiliaa emiliaa
don't really know yet. ;3 I think I prefer non-realistic. If it were a strap on trying to simulate penetration by a penis, I'd probably go for realistic, but otherwise I like the more discreet designs.
Contributor: Eucaly Eucaly
Realistic can be great, but so far I have the best fun only with non-realistic.
Contributor: Lavendar Menace Lavendar Menace
Originally posted by zeebot
I like the crazy artistic unrealistic ones best.
Me too!
Contributor: M. Roth M. Roth
I *prefer* a realistic, but I'm not snobbish about it. I have plenty that appeal to me and are not. Like the Tentacle. If it's pleasing to the eye, there's a good chance I'll lust over it.
Contributor: JRabbits JRabbits
I like all kinds but I'd rather have a realistic one.
Contributor: AndroAngel AndroAngel
I like em smooth, possibly bulbed, like the Njoy products (my favorites), but definitely no realistic products for solo play.
Contributor: Spilock Spilock
I've gotten a realistic since my last post in here (relatively speaking, since it's the Doc Johnson Super Softee) and my chance has changed somewhat. The clearly defined head ridges and veins definitely have a nice feeling to them, that I notice. I would guess that my preference now would be towards realistic, for some of the extra textures they bring.
Contributor: mcl272 mcl272
realistic is my favorite!
Contributor: -BillD -BillD
I really have always liked realistic dildos.
Contributor: fabidefabi fabidefabi
i hate the real veiny ones
Contributor: Illumin8 Illumin8
We like using both.
Contributor: Sunshineamine Sunshineamine
I don't like realistic looking dildos. I want them to be pretty and I personally recently discovered if it is just a dildo and does not vibrate I want it to be glass, though silicone would be alright too. If a dildo has a realistic shape with a different design or color that's ok. If it just looks like a penis than I am not interested ... unless it is in fact a real penis.
Contributor: RonLee RonLee
Realistic sort of creeps me out.
Contributor: Rawhide Rawhide
Meh. I don't own anything that is a realistic color at the moment, but otherwise the shape could be considered realistic. Resemblance to flesh isn't really what I'm going for.
Contributor: Vanille Vanille
No thanks. The real deal squicks me out so a realistic toy has the same squick factor. Bleh. :/
Contributor: Beck Beck
I do not own a single realistic one. Frankly they are scary looking to me. They are too real looking.