Splish or Bandito?

So I love the texture of both of these, and I'm not really interested in getting something incredibly girthy at the moment. The Splash looks more the size I want while the Bandito has more the texture I want. Has anyone tried either/ both of these? Which do you think is better, and why?

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Contributor: That Man from Mars That Man from Mars
Which of the two is best for texture, without too much girth but a feeling of fullness still? Which is better for a harness and p-spot or g-spot stimulation?
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Contributor: That Man from Mars That Man from Mars
Forgive the typo, I meant 'Splish', not 'Splash'.
Contributor: charmedtomeetyou charmedtomeetyou
I urge you to watch the video or look at pictures for the Splish....it is teeny tiny...smaller than I expected. I just don't want you to be surprised.
Contributor: Sincerely yours, N Sincerely yours, N
Splish is teeny tiny. Like, I'm somebody that dislikes girth, but the splish is wayyyy too small for me. It's like... a finger. You can't even really feel the texture on it.
Contributor: That Man from Mars That Man from Mars
Oh wow, really? well, thank you for the info. That's certainly smaller than desired.
Contributor: November November
I second what Sincerely Yours, N said. I have both and, yes, the Splish does feel like a finger. I love the Bandito, it's not too thick or too thin and the texture is not overwhelming. It also has a nice curved tip which can stimulate very nicely. Out of the two, I recommend the Bandito!