Ladies, have you ever worn shoes during sex?

Contributor: TheCleansing TheCleansing
Whether it's sexy heels or a pair of flats, have you ever worn shoes?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
I have worn shoes once or twice.
Alicia , Miss Cinnamon , deadpoet , Sanjay , Victoria , Dusk , Jenniae09 , Lavender*Moon , RadRach , clp , mllebeauty , lamira , isisandshiva , oohlookasquirrel , Alan & Michele , ZenaidaMacroura , newbern2004 , Sera , RosesThorns , Emma (Girl With Fire) , luvmenot84 , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , wetone123 , AngelicaU , jankit , NaughtyButterfly , nicole07 , ichwillwaffels , KrystalFayeO , K101 , Ivy Wilde , LilLostLenore , CAKES , ily , carenautilus , pixxie87 , KrazyKandy , DeliciousDrip , TameTemptress , Princess-Kayla ♥ , 12345678 , never shy , hillys , Allison.Wilder , TJtheMadHatter , evie.amor , bog
I have worn heels once or twice.
LittleBoPeep , Chilipepper , Annemarie , Illusional , Victoria , Dusk , Fanny , pkmason , Lavender*Moon , lamira , meganthomas , Trashley , isisandshiva , oohlookasquirrel , PrettyChicka , camperboy , ZenaidaMacroura , null , newbern2004 , Sera , Dame Saphir , GeekWife , LavenderSkies , Kdlips , SexyStuff , Sex'и'Violence , Linga , Lady Neshamah , K101 , Miss T , indiglo , ily , domsub1993 , zracer , BuckeyeGal04 , pokefan15 , padmeamidala , The Curious Couple , Allison.Wilder , kandy anjel , TJtheMadHatter , Britt&Rich , evie.amor
I wear shoes occasionally.
AU , Angel deSanguine , Amy Snookum , kelaaa33wish , Ms. Spice
I wear heels occasionally.
Tori Rebel , removedacnt , SydVicious , sweet sally , Apinkjellybean04 , Yesenia , DeliciousSurprise , Liz , PassionQT , Jul!a , aaa , Sammi , MuffysPinguLove , Miss B Haven , Lizabeth , Madeira , clp , Melissa221 , Naughty Student , Kim! , J's Alley , TheSexista , wondertoes , sasweetheart89 , SexyySarah , Dame Demi , Sera , Angel deSanguine , Lady Venus , gothikstars , The Girl With No Name , *HisMrs* , Lucidity , phunkyphreak , wetone123 , Ravenstalons , Joie de Cherresse , rdytogo , teeny <3 , Lady Neshamah , Miss T , Ms. Spice , AmethystSmoke , ss143 , unfulfilled , sausagelover , Cosmonaut , surreptitious , lillmiss5054
I wear shoes to bed frequently.
teeny <3
I wear heels to bed frequently.
~LaUr3n~ , Not here , butterflygirlxo , pinkzombie , fghjkl , AussieSarah , wetone123 , UnknownGirl , CreamySweet
I have never worn shoes to bed.
Darling Jen , Coralbell , Envy , seaofneptune , Annemarie , sexysweetieshan , kcordie , Tuesday , petite-n-sweet , Airen Wolf , Hot'n'Bothered , kck , lovehurts , Selective Sensualist , VampKitty , Midway through , tits only , Shellz31 , Miss Morphine , xfairyxtalex , sbon , moonlitlilly , PuplePleasures , Stujen , Crystal1 , Redboxbaby , Lady Marmelade , Amy Snookum , tickle me pink , Enchantedkitty , toxie m , StephieBoo02 , Lolla Munz , potstickers , tigerkate , Valentinka , zeebot , krisvida , chidoll , BadassFatass , MaryExy , dv8 , cheetahpita , Rawhide , Anjulie , AshMegYo , Pink Jewel , geliebt , lilly555 , TexasFire , Hallmar82 , ConnerJay , idunshire , Geogeo , snowminx , karenm , bayosgirl , Silverwinds , melissa1973 , BlackCherry , Dairygirl8808 , ashboo32 , LaSchwartz , twelve13
I have never worn heels to bed.
Envy , Eeyor89 , sexysweetieshan , kcordie , XXXXXXXXXXXXX , Airen Wolf , lovehurts , VampKitty , JayBack , tits only , Twist , xfairyxtalex , sbon , PuplePleasures , Crystal1 , Redboxbaby , jrz , Lady Marmelade , beeauctie2 , tickle me pink , toxie m , Tart , melianofvalinor9 , Lolla Munz , potstickers , sexygoddess , tigerkate , Valentinka , zeebot , krisvida , BadassFatass , Willis2011 , cheetahpita , AshMegYo , Pink Jewel , geliebt , lilly555 , Hallmar82 , ConnerJay , idunshire , snowminx , Silverwinds , melissa1973 , Ayumi , BlackCherry , Dairygirl8808 , LaSchwartz , twelve13
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Contributor: P'Gell P'Gell
I've kept my shoes on while having sex in a car. NOT in my bed though. We have a water bed. Shoes would be disastrous on the bag which holds the water. I might break. I also need to be comfortable so I can orgasm. I can't be too comfortable in high heeled shoes.
Contributor: Alicia Alicia
I've worn shoes before but it was when having sex either in a car or once when we had sex in my husband's office building. Otherwise we're completely naked type people
Contributor: ~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
They don't usually stay on for the whole thing though.
Contributor: Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
I'll have sex in heels if they match the lingerie ensemble I'm currently sporting...and sometimes even after the lingerie comes off.
Contributor: removedacnt removedacnt
Occasionally hubby likes me to keep my heels on. They don't end up staying on through the whole session though.
Contributor: Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
I've only kept them on once, and it was in a hotel, and they were shiny, shiny, black boots. In fact, I think I kept just about ALL my clothes on that time. Heheh

But usually, no. I was raised in a no-shoes house, so anything more than slippers in any part of my living space just feels weird.
Contributor: Darling Jen Darling Jen
I've worn shoes during times we couldn't get completely undressed (i.e. public bathroom) but never to our own bed.
Contributor: Not here Not here
Originally posted by ~LaUr3n~
They don't usually stay on for the whole thing though.
Same here. My man has a foot fetish, not a shoe fetish.. but he finds me in heels to be very sexy, especially sandals that show off my toes. They almost always come off though, cuz they're pretty much lingerie for my feet, if you will.
Contributor: Coralbell Coralbell
Hasn't happened yet, but I have an outfit planned with shoes that match my lingerie so they will probably stay on for at least part of the time.
Contributor: Apinkjellybean04 Apinkjellybean04
I wear heels Occasionally but they usually never stay on long.
Contributor: Chilipepper Chilipepper
Wore the knee-high boots a couple of times because Mulder thought they were hot.
Contributor: Sanjay Sanjay
Originally posted by TheCleansing
Whether it's sexy heels or a pair of flats, have you ever worn shoes?
If it is a spur of the moment quick kind of romantic moment sometimes I forget to take off my sneakers... very not sexy, but whatever!
Contributor: AU AU
We avoid wearing shoes in the house, so this sort of thing rarely happens. It did happen near the front door recently. I've worn shoes in various sexual situations in and out of bed. For years I have often worn knee-high boots. They make me feel sexy (well, what we consider sexy. Stilettos don't do it for us). But they are very cumbersome.
Contributor: Annemarie Annemarie
I tend to be barefoot a lot, but I've worn heels during some particularly naughty bouts of sex.
Contributor: Liz Liz
I wear heels occasionally because my partner loves them, but they never last long... and I'm always secretly glad to be rid of them.
Contributor: Illusional Illusional
I have worn shoes like once or twice.
Contributor: Newlyinclined Newlyinclined
I'll admit first that my boyfriend and I do not have sex, but we do do some pretty heavy making out--during the winter last year, I had a pair of calf-high, black, suede zip-up boots...those ended up staying on quite a few times whenever time popped up. I will admit it tickled my fancy. My boyfriend made no mention, but I am curious ^^
Contributor: Liz2 Liz2
I do wear heels when I dress-up in lingerie, they are part of the outfit. For me sex with heels can be "sexier" and my b/f loves me in heels. It is a treat since I usually wear sneakers on sandals.
Contributor: Victoria Victoria
Regular shoes in bed = no no, for me. Heels and sexy stuff that is pretty much just for the bedroom is ok, though.
Contributor: Envy Envy
Nope. Socks, yes, but shoes? Heck no, I don't wear shoes in the house anyway.
Contributor: TheCleansing TheCleansing
Thanks ladies. I think it'd be extra hot if my lady wore some heels during sex.
Contributor: Sammi Sammi
There's just something about wearing heels during sex. Of course, you have to be careful you don't kick out with a stiletto and hit something you shouldn't
Contributor: Dusk Dusk
I love wearing my knee high lace-up boots
Contributor: Fanny Fanny
As long as they're not dirty!
Contributor: Jul!a Jul!a
Originally posted by Sammi
There's just something about wearing heels during sex. Of course, you have to be careful you don't kick out with a stiletto and hit something you shouldn't
Sometimes that's hard to do. I feel really bad when I end up sort of 'stepping' on his leg or something like that, lol
Contributor: Lizabeth Lizabeth
I like to accessorize my outfits with heels on occasion, but they do not stay on the whole time. It really depends on where we are when we are having sex. I always end up kicking them off because I find myself constantly making a mental check to not kick him, which makes me feel bad and puts a damper on the situation.
Contributor: sugarOne sugarOne
Oh yes I have.. I think its hot when I do or any other girl that does
Contributor: Madeira Madeira
I now and then keep the heels on... I once kept the heels on with a guy who kept his heels on (high heeled boots and a leather jacket, I swear I swooned)
Contributor: clp clp
In the rush of things, sometimes you don't have time to take them off. But with heels, they usually help mens' imaginations.