Seven 'til Midnight satin set vs. lounge or bamboo pants

Seven 'til Midnight satin set vs. lounge or bamboo pants

Do emu Do emu 02/06/2013

I have the cute black and pink pajama set by Seven 'til Midnight. Trying to find something equally comfortable for lounging around the house on Eden!

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Do emu Do emu
I got this pajama set back in August and recently reviewed it here. It's super comfortable. I also have seen the heart sleep set, which looks equally comfortable. I'm interested in these because I like being able to wear them out in front of anyone else who comes to my home. I've been considering the bamboo lounge pants or the silk knit pants, but am unsure if I will like them as much as this set from Seven 'til Midnight. Does anyone have either of these along with the Sweet sensations pajama set? Which do you like more?
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