What's Your Lingerie Style?

What's Your Lingerie Style?

lovetoshopmom lovetoshopmom
What style lingerie do you like to help get you into "The Mood"?
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
Lace Gowns - I like to keep it classy behind closed doors
Exotic Pieces - Dominatrix Anyone?
Babydoll/Cami Sets - I like to feel sexy and make my man Excited
Sexy Bra and Panty Set - I like to be ready AT ALL TIMES, so bring on the matching set that I can wear all day
Sexy Costumes - Dressing up isn't just for Halloween anymore ;)
Corsets and Bustier - Because torturing myself to get into it by myself makes sex that much more fun
Nothing At All - Lets just get busy! Forget Fancy I'm going to get naked anyways
Total votes: 628 (248 voters)
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Lithaewyn Lithaewyn
I don't typically wear the bra and panty sets all day because they're typically too delicate to offer proper support and whatnot...
Kayla Kayla
I like the lace gowns. If I had my way, I'd want a nice, long black gown and would put a nice, dark red corset over it with some high heels.
Sammi Sammi
It really depends on my mood. All of the above!
missreneer missreneer
Really love sexy costumes. It adds spice. Especially when you mix it up with accessories and toys
It depends on the situation. There's a time and a place for each type of lingerie for me.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
I don't have the luxury of lingerie-wearing at the moment, being that any trysts with my boyfriend are usually after we've met somewhere then going back to his place. However, my knee high, high heel black boots have become my central 'accessory/wearable' weapon of lust. I'm usually ready after zipping those babies on and I've even ended up stripped down just to those boots a couple of times while doing the deed (we were sort of in a hurry). The boyfriend loves them - I'm the only girl he's been with that wears boots.

So, do boots count as 'other', 'costume', or 'exotic piece'?
Liz2 Liz2
It depends on the situation. There's a time and a place for each type of lingerie for me.
I agree. I love sexy bras and panties, for example, but I would be very uncomfortable wearing them all day but for an evening out? They are on my bod.
Jul!a Jul!a
I can't think of an easier way to make myself feel sexier during the day and get him riled up by teasing him with the thought of the sexy underthings I'm wearing. Like, wearing stockings that go with a nice bra and panties to work is one of my favorite things to do
Naughty Student Naughty Student
I will try anything. I have a bit of everything so it's always a new surprise. He never knows what to expect. But if I were to chose only one I would go with sexy costumes. I love love LOVE costumes and role play. I should do it more often.
giggled giggled
I love corsets. I never felt like they were torture - it's tough to bend over in them, but they're otherwise quite comfortable.
queertastic queertastic
Originally posted by lovetoshopmom
What style lingerie do you like to help get you into "The Mood"?
I don't typically wear costumes -- but def. would if my current girlfriend wanted me to. I'm shy in the bedroom, what can I say?

I love corsets/bustiers and have quite a collection. =)

Bra and panty sets can be great for a quick pick-me-up on any day, no special occasion needed.

I love black pieces of lingere - or black and red, black and pink, white, purple, etc. Rich jewel tones look wonderful on me. Not going to lie.
EffinSara EffinSara
Retro- and vintage-inspired! I love gorgeous sets with matching garter belts worn with classic stockings and heels. I'm also a big fan of custom steel-boned corsets made for tight-lacing. If they're created for *your* measurements, they'll fit correctly and won't be torture at all.
Deb Schroeder Deb Schroeder
Originally posted by lovetoshopmom
What style lingerie do you like to help get you into "The Mood"?
Long Sexy Gowns!
Hyenagirl Hyenagirl
I love corsets. I wear them under dresses all the time! Something about the extra hitch as I breathe in makes me stand up straighter and feel a lot sexier, and of course, it pushes the girls up, so no complaints there, either XD Cosplay is also nice...I wear a lab coat over a bustier and panties, and it looks very neat...who says mad science can't be sexy?
LiftedUp LiftedUp
Our lingerie pretty much runs the full spectrum. My wife has everything from simple cami/knicker sets, to costumes, to teddies, to corsets, to vintage long nylon gowns, all-in-ones, REAL stockings (that require garter belts), and much much much more. My wife and I sort of share a panty and lingerie fetish, so we are very well stocked in both... in fact, I think we need a new lingerie chest. lol.

My absolute favorite stuff though, is hands-down, the vintage style pin-up/burlesque type lingerie. I tends to be a bit more expensive, but well worth it over most any department store/VS lingerie.
Keeshia Keeshia
Definitely in love with corsets. I would wear them 24/7/365. But I don't find it at all difficult to get into one on my own lol
Gardenvy Gardenvy
I have a rather large collection of lingerie that I have collected from many vacations around the world.
I love to collect lingerie, and I wear it all, corsets, bustier, cinchers, garter belts, stockings, bra & pantie sets, baby dolls and lace gowns. My favorite pieces that I wear often, are the french vintage pieces that I picked up last Christmas in a cute shop on the outskirts of Paris.
I rarely buy cheap lingerie from sex shops because the cheap shit doesn't last very long, and it never seems to fit well. I admire all well made lingerie.
~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
Corsets, bustiers, camis, baby dolls, fishnet mini dresses...anything really. I don't do teddies...they scream 80's to me, but everything else is good. I think I own like 400 pairs of panties also...lol
VieuxCarre VieuxCarre
I prefer sexy bra and panties. I have a ton of bras and lots of panties to match. I feel uncomfortable when I don't match. I like to look cute under my clothes just in case
Yesenia Yesenia
I love corsets & sexy panties with some heels. but sometimes you need alittle Dominatrix in your life.
Lustful Dreams Lustful Dreams
I love the way corsets and thigh highs looks on whomever they're on!
bzzingbee bzzingbee
I like it all!! There's an occasion or mood for any of it and I love variety and suprising my man!
Midway through Midway through
I voted other.. I dress my mood.
Alura Une Alura Une
I love lingerie. I love to look at it and buy it. But the only things I usually wear are bras and panties. When I want to show that I am in the mood to play, I wear only panties or panties and a very thin t-shirt.
Latsyrc728 Latsyrc728
Can I vote all of the above?
Liz Liz
I'm a lingerie addict, and I have way too much of it. I love wearing something pretty and lacy to work under a skirt and blouse; I feel great about myself all day, and I'm almost always in the mood by the time I get home. I wear a lot of pretty bras & panties, and babydolls are basically my favorite thing ever. I tend to save the elaborate stuff (corsets, bustiers, garters) for special occasions.
Sera Sera
Originally posted by lovetoshopmom
What style lingerie do you like to help get you into "The Mood"?
I love corsets! I love the gothic appeal, and they really get me to feel good about myself and the lovely curves to my petite body. Plus he loves to unzip them and get his hands under that plaid skirt and into those fishnet tights...
NightNight NightNight
I can't find anything sexy about gowns
SexyySarah SexyySarah
I love corsets and bustiers!
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