Size L Not Available Yet Costumes.. Which do you like Most?

Size L Not Available Yet Costumes.. Which do you like Most?

Breas Breas 09/08/2011

I was browsing through the products and was soo happy to see some new costumes (not available yet)! I was wondering which you think is the best out of the ones I have posted in the poll. I think they are all pretty fabulous.

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Breas Breas
please see above^
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Parisian Provocateur (L)
GravyCakes , Starkiller87 , PiratePrincess , Miss Anonymous , Jon S , Katastophy , eeep , voenne
8  (18%)
Medical Mary Jane (L)
Angewin , AshMegYo
2  (4%)
The Godmotha (L)
carenautilus , Kkay
2  (4%)
Gothic Schoolgirl (L)
dv8 , LibertyGirl , Ghost , pinkcupcakes , Lummox , CAKES , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , Howells , The Curious Couple , BabyL0ve , Pink Jewel , IslandGoddess , T&A1987 , ParisLove , Mew , PersonalAngel , SaMiKaY , geliebt , mpfm
19  (42%)
Ships Ahoy (L)
ZenaidaMacroura , ThoughtsAblaze , stars , kellyg
4  (9%)
Trouble at School Reversible Costume (L)
potstickers , married with children , Shellz31 , domsub1993 , PurpleCat23 , ily
6  (13%)
Sexy in the Desert (L)
wetone123 , Breas , JessCee , TameTemptress
4  (9%)
Total votes: 45
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GravyCakes GravyCakes
omg, i've been looking for a french maid outfit FOREVER! i've liked 1 or 2, BUT THE PARISIAN PROVOCATEUR IS THE ONE!!!
Starkiller87 Starkiller87
The maid one is sexy as hell. I think its my favorite of all the maid costumes so far. I neeeeed it. I love that it has the pull up strings to adjust the height as well.
LibertyGirl LibertyGirl
Schoolgirl will always trump other options, sorry.
Breas Breas
Originally posted by LibertyGirl
Schoolgirl will always trump other options, sorry.
I like the school girl look, but im not sure if the gothic school girl is really as appealing to me as the others. My favourite is sexy in the desert and second is the maid
The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
I voted for the Gothic Schoolgirl.
Angewin Angewin
They're all great really.
Miss Anonymous Miss Anonymous
The Parisian Provocateur gets my vote! I'm gonna order it when I can! I just love that one. It's so sex!
IslandGoddess IslandGoddess
Gothic School girl
kellyg kellyg
Love that ships ahoy!!
Katastophy Katastophy
The Parisian Provocateur for sure. I think maid costumes are super sexy. Next in line would be one of the school girl costumes.
carenautilus carenautilus
Gotta say, I'm digging the Godmotha. Retro and dramatic and damn hot.
PersonalAngel PersonalAngel
I am so excited that they have added these. I love the gothic school girl.
Kkay Kkay
Agreed on the Godmotha. It's really hot.
geliebt geliebt
Definitely the gothic schoolgirl!!
eeep eeep
Hard to pick. The Parisian Provocateur looks really well put together and cute. The gothic schoolgirl and reversible schoolgirl ones are also very cute too though.
voenne voenne
I like the Parisian Provocateur. I think it's a cute twist on a typical maid outfit.
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