anal lube

anal lube

thedude thedude 01/31/2011

What would work best for my gf and i to use to try anal for the first time

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thedude thedude
whats best for beginners and first timers
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Yoda Yoda
Pjur back door is fantastic. I highly recommend it.
Jimbo Jones Jimbo Jones
Pjur Back Door has jojoba as a natural relaxant ingredient and I was surprised at the impact it had on my erect penis. If this had been my first time having anal sex, I would have thought it was a disastrous experience, so for this reason, I would suggest something else.
The Original Bodyglide is great stuff. I like to use Maximus as it is a thick water based lube that we use for anal play very frequently. Carrie Ann really seemed to like Supersex Anal Lube and I trust her judgement, so that should work too.
jankit jankit
I recommend Eros or Moist!
Fawkes Fawkes
probe thick and rich.
J5ive J5ive
I agree with Yoda Pjur back door is awesome
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