Arousal lubes--Help!

Arousal lubes--Help!

Supervixen Supervixen
I'm new to using cooling/warming/tingli ng lubes, but I want to try them out so badly. I know they probably vary wildly from person to person, which is what makes it hard to know where to start. Any recommendations? I've been wading through reviews, but any extra input would be helpful.

I want something that isn't flavored, and that has minimal to no scent. I like the natural tastes and smells of sex, and while I understand that even unflavored, unscented lube can change that, I don't want my partner to go down on me and have his mouth fill with the flavor of a chemically watermelon. I would say that I am average in my sensitivity down there too, if that helps; I don't have a clit of steel, but I'm not hypersensitive, either.

And if anyone has any input on the best type of arousal lube, like tingling is better, warming is better, cooling, etc., that would also be helpful. It sounds like tingling would be fun, but I've never tried these before.

Silicone or water is fine, though something that actually lasts would obviously be preferable.

Oh, and can g-spot gel be used on the clit, and vice versa?

Sorry for all the's unfamiliar territory. :-/
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