Which is best for anal?

Which is best for anal?

ArmyWife4311 ArmyWife4311 07/25/2012

We're looking for a good lube for anal use that can also be used vaginally.

Invited: Reviewers of the products compared.

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ArmyWife4311 ArmyWife4311
I have seen these 3 but will take any suggestions as well.
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Librarian Librarian
Well, honestly, now that I think about it more...Anal Lube is great for anal...but I wouldn't use it vaginally because it's so thick...one of the others would be better.
Andycaboose Andycaboose
I was gonna say AL too, but I actually haven't used it for vaginal sex. It's AMAZINGLY effective for anal, though. I haven't used the JO, though, so I'm gonna have to go with K-Y.
itsurgrlfrnd itsurgrlfrnd
I like Jo a lot. It is an effective lube all around. Just be careful. I did have a leaking problem with my bottle. =( And though I haven't used it vaginally, personally, I would say that the viscosity shouldn't be too cumbersome for the task. Good luck!
static101 static101
Jo is excellent for anal. However, I find it too "slippery" for vaginal sex. Just not enough friction - too thick.
animepanda89 animepanda89
I have heard great things about the JO and am actually getting ready to order a bottle. My partner an I have used K-Y with great results though.
spineyogurt spineyogurt
I like maximus
playsalot playsalot
I use JO H2O, I enjoy it the most of the lubes i have tryed for anal. I have never used it for vaginal sex, usually we don't have to use lube for that.
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Originally posted by ArmyWife4311
I have seen these 3 but will take any suggestions as well.
I've used the Jo H2O anal on my very grouchy vagina and it didn't cause any sort of reaction. It's a good all around lube.
Angelica Angelica
I like the Jo H20 Anal, but if it drips on my sheets it leaves a spot till I wash them, so lay down a towel before any fun It is also thinner than my regular water based lube. And the bottle might leak a tad if you lay it on its side. That aside, it really works well and is super slippery and doesn't dry out fast.

I didn't have any reaction when using the lube vaginally either. I'm not incredibly sensitive to things like parabens though.
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