Better Mousetrap, I mean Masturbator

Better Mousetrap, I mean Masturbator

Onanist Onanist
I started out buying the Head Honcho. With each successive masturbator I bought, I tried selecting one better than the last or at least one with a different sensation. The Cobra Libre I bought last week is the best so far.

Trouble is I'm still looking for [the] one.

I really like to have the underside of my penis stroked and/or massaged. Right now I use the Crystal Chic G vibrator. I'll slide the lubed vibrator along underside of my penis from the V down to the base. As I get more and more excited I'll concentrate the vibrator at the V and have an orgasm shortly after.

I envision a masturbator with a vibrator positioned along the length that stimulates the entire underside of the penis and provides the most intense vibrations near the penis head along the V.

I found this masturbator link at a local adult toy shop. They let me open the package and feel the vibrations, but I was turned off by the smell of the material. I could not find it here on Eden Fantasys. Is anyone familiar with this masturbator?

Is there another one similar or close to the one I envisioned above that anyone knows of?
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