Help picking a toy out...for a friend!

Help picking a toy out...for a friend!

Peggi Peggi
So, I have a friend whose birthday is right around the corner, and he had mentioned at one point that he has never used a decent sex toy before! He had a cheap masturbator once that was meant to be for multiple uses but he disliked it so much that he tossed it after the first try!

After saving up some points, hubby and I decided that we'd surprise him with a nice, new toy, and hubby did some digging!

We know that he wants something similar to a Fleshlight. He has never used one of course, and didn't even know that there were other types of masturbators (other than dolls and realistic vaginas and such).

He thought the Tenga Flip Hole Black sounded nice, but it is currently out of stock. In the mean time, in case I have to make a purchase before it comes back, I thought I'd enlist the help of all of the penis-wielding users on Eden to help us out

So, we want something easy to use, not just a one time only toy, similar to a Fleshlight or the Flip Hole, with as much texture as possible and as lightweight as possible (that was going to be the only drawback with the flip hole).

We are hoping to keep it at $100 or less because I'd really like to mostly use points to make this purchase, since it's for a friend and not one of us.

We also are hoping to have something he can use one-handed if at all possible, and as little maintenance as can be.

Any advice is mucho appreciated
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