surprise for the hubby

surprise for the hubby

mandaj mandaj 12/05/2011

wanting to surprise the husband with his only lil toy. and I wanted everyone take on which to get!

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mandaj mandaj
which one would he like the most for a good price
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Sublime Sublime
Personally I'd save up and get a fleshlight. I know it isn't one of your choices but generally the cheaper masturbators rip/tear pretty fast.
ehue1992 ehue1992
Honestly, the UR3 material that all of the toys are made of it garbage. I don't much care for it one bit because of its tendency to tear. to be honest I would get a silicon one if you can find one in your price range. However, if you are just looking to get him something for the short term, any of the ones you have listed will do. The UR3 material, while very flimsy and heavy, is nice in the way that you can use both Silicon and Water based lubes with them.
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