Athena VS Share

Athena VS Share

Sharay88 Sharay88 11/22/2012

Which do you think is better and why? I lean more toward the glass because of the safety factor.

Invited: All reviewers.

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Sharay88 Sharay88
I think the share would but I am not sure. I am wanting to add one of them to my GR but I cant figure it out.
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Beck Beck
These are two different kind of items. It depends on what you are using it for. If you are looking to use these items as an actual double dong...then Share because the glass is too short. If you are using solo, then either will do.

Adding to your wish list is easy. You just click the present image. When you have added...scroll up to the tool bar and you see the wishlist. Click that and click "manage wishlist. Open the wishlist you have added it to and inside there you will have instructions on how to activate registry. Any help you need...message me! I am your mentor. I can help with everything.
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