Make or Buy Containers?

Contributor: Chilipepper Chilipepper
Originally posted by Sir
No particular material is good, but maybe a cotton or tulle-lined pouch might work for it? I do not know. I always put them in plastic bags, though. You can always just make regular satin bags to put them in, after putting them in a plastic bag!
Thank you, Sir. Any material I can think of either produces lint, fibers, or would 'drag'. I don't have any yet, but the thought occured to me.
Contributor: Blinker Blinker
For me and my living situation it's easier to keep my toys in their original packaging. Makes it easier to store in my closet. I do keep some in my underwear drawer, like a plastic bullet, butt plug and vaginal exercisers. I'm planning on getting some see-thru bins to organize my collection once it expands.
Contributor: Valyn Valyn
I don't keep many boxes, but I do have two from Evolved Novelties that I really like. I usually keep toys that come with cases or bags in those containers.. if they don't come with someone, I make a little sack for them.
Contributor: Miss B Haven Miss B Haven
Originally posted by Chilipepper
I make pouches for anything that isn't hard plastic, and all of it fits into a 'photo scrap' box that slides under the bed. Is there any material that's good for cyberskin/jelly/etc storage besides plastic bags? Or is this a moot question?
For my jelly/cyberskin/tpr toys I like to get a soft satin-like material (satin-like because satin tends to fray) as an inner liner and then sew on a light-weight fleece for the outer shell for added protection and soft, cuteness. They come out great and come in cute colors. I currently have light pink, baby blue, black, and zebra print

I used to use plastic bags for storage but on the softer materials I was starting to notice if the plastic had a fold or crease it could be imprinted onto my toys surface. Not too pretty to look at a bunch of wrinkles on a smooth toy.
Contributor: deltalima deltalima
Originally posted by KBToys24
I'm sure I can't be the only crafty wench here, so I figured I'd ask if you make or buy containers for your toys.

I've been on a spree making pouches for my various toys. I've made about half a dozen so far. Much prefer ... more
I usually use the case it came with. As for the whole "loot", I store it under my bedside table.

Sometimes, I store the encased toys and various products in boxes like the huge makeup cases you get if you buy a set in department stores.
Contributor: Sera Sera
I usually just store things in a very small tub/plastic container (usually a foot long and 5 inches across and colored opaque). I also use the containers that the toys come in, but sometimes don't, and simply give them other uses. I always keep the instructions, ideas, and user manuals, with my toys. All of my lubricants and games and toys are together. I'm too organized for my own good!
Contributor: ScottA ScottA
Mostly found materials here, though I use some of the packages that they came in in certain cases.
Contributor: P'Gell P'Gell
I would and could make simple storage bags, IF I had a sewing machine. Our machine died several years ago, and as a result, I now have to buy storage bags. I do like the Sugar Sac brand, as it is anti-bacterial and I wish Eden would carry them. They're wonderful!

I'm not the best tailor at all, but bags are not hard to make. I don't want to do it by hand, however, when they are not that expensive to buy.

Once we get a new sewing machine, I will probably go back to making them.
Contributor: twistedheartsx twistedheartsx
I use the containers they come in, but I think making your own containers could definitely come in handy!
Contributor: deltalima deltalima
I just store them in the containers they've come in unless that's been ruined. Luckily, most of my toys that I have bought have come in nice containers.
Contributor: Pleasure Piratess Pleasure Piratess
For the sewing challenged who would like to make pouches, you can buy material (opt for stetch free) and use steam-a-seam or even glue to hold them together. Also, you can buy a ton of snaps cheap that just pound through the material so you can close it. This is what I do while I am waiting to make permanent pouches and they work great.
Contributor: Rossie Rossie
I've sewn cotton pouches with ribbon ties in various sizes last year but decided not to use them. No matter how clean the pouches are, lint will come off the material and stick on to my silicone toys. Right now, I only store my toys in a large clear plastic container. Only thing I have to be careful with is separating the silicone toys away from each other.
Contributor: Kinky Skier Kinky Skier
i make wood boxes, if anyone wants one for their kit, i build to suit!!!
Contributor: LikeSunshineDust LikeSunshineDust
It's always a plus for me when a toy comes with its own storage pouch. Other than those, I have two that I bought (satin wine bags) and one that I made.
Contributor: isisandshiva isisandshiva
I(my dad) actualy made a keepsake box for me years ago, but now I don't have much use for it so I'm planing on converting it to a toybox, it locks so I think it'll be pretty enough if I make it to match my new couch it can sit nice and fun in the livingroom with out being obvious.
Contributor: Selective Sensualist Selective Sensualist
I had purchased several toy pouches for the toys that did not come with a pouch. Regarding the pouches that I actually had to purchase separately, I have about 15 of the toy pouches from EF and one XL SugarSak.

After I bought a Tunti Lighted Boudoir toy case, I removed all the toys from their pouches that I store inside of the case. Not everything in my collection fits into the Tunti though. I am currently awaiting delivery of a Devine Play Chest for my other toys. In the meantime, they are all inside their individual toy pouches which, in turn, are all stuffed inside a tote bag. My husband's Tenga Flip Hole is kept inside its original plastic tube, as are my VixSkin Raquel and VixSkin Johnny (though the Johnny has a clamshell plastic container instead of a tube). Those toys are made of silicone that is so soft that I do not want to risk anything at all pressing against them, as it will leave indentations.

Oh, and my Njoy Pure Wand and Je Joue G-Ki are both inside their original boxes which sit out on my dresser. Those boxes are pretty enough to be on display and they look like jewelry boxes (they are even nicer-looking than my LELO boxes).
Contributor: Naughty Student Naughty Student
I got a really cute chest that I was using to store make up in and when I moved had the brilliant idea to put my sex toys in it. It's not a giant box but all mi dildos, vibes, and plugs fit in there. I keep my lingerie in a drawer and my lube is always some were visible in the bedroom.
Contributor: Trashley Trashley
Originally posted by sweet sally
As my collection grows, I've thought about this more recently. Right now they are in either the bag they came with, ziplocs, or crown royal bags.

All the "toy boxes" I've seen online are way too small. lol But, I went down ... more
It's all about the crown royale bags! I also just found this New York Times box at a thrift store than has a little lock on it. It's like a little chest with fashionable girls from the 70's all over it. I love how inappropriate it feels :]
Contributor: lamira lamira
Crafty is always fun. Especially if you're saving money.
Contributor: Shellz31 Shellz31
My babies have pushed the clothes out of one of my draws but they are very quickly out-growing the limited real estate the draw offers.
Contributor: Madeira Madeira
I use plastic bags for individual toys, but I'm thinking of building a toy containment unit
Contributor: Madeira Madeira
I use plastic bags for individual toys, but I'm thinking of building a toy containment unit
Contributor: lovehurts lovehurts
I like making containers but sometimes I use the cans from Absolutely Divine Wafers. It is tin and have a lid, it also is 7in long and I get to eat all the good wafers first
Contributor: Hot'n'Bothered Hot'n'Bothered
Neither, for now. But I'll likely buy something at some point. I'm not crafty enough to make one.
Contributor: Bunnycups Bunnycups
I haven't yet, but I want to make my own pouches.
Contributor: Jill Ingoff Jill Ingoff
When I lived with my parents I kept all of my toys in a padlocked box I got from Home Depot
Contributor: null null
You can make padded bags for glass out of felt if you double it up. There's also normally satin or velour in the extras section of Hobby Lobby and the like. You know, the section with cut but not bought scraps.
As for boxes, check Tuesday Morning or Gordman's for decorative boxes that are still durable. I have to stop myself from buying those little leather ottoman containers with the lids that double as trays. They're too big for the collection I have now, the extra room would just beg to be filled.
Contributor: tits only tits only
dollar tree is the best store they have all kinds of containers and they only a $1
Contributor: Naughty Student Naughty Student
I keep them all together in one very cute box and keep a few in a drawer. I prefer them unwrapped and all bunched together than individually wrapped.
Contributor: KnK KnK
I have some makeup bags that I use. I am currently decoupaging a dirty deeds toy box. I'm covering the fucker with lots and lots of smut. I love it