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Would you agree that a man should start by kissing your neck and playing with your hair and slowly sucking on your nipples and kissing your whole body and sucking your tits in a manner that would make your Pussy swell up and start throbbing and your asshole dilate and the cum from your pussy make it possible to start tounging both holes and telling you that I’m going to fuck you like a beast and switching positions and sucking your pussy and insert a dildo into your hot creamy asshole and pulling your hair and telling you while I’m slowly and deeply French kissing your Dripping well punani and switching positions to 69 and my Hard thick Dick in your mouth and licking your creamy pussy and then you can sit on my Dick not facing me and my Dick in your punani and the Rabbit dildo inside your creamy hot pussy and my dick in your hot asshole telling you that I’m totally controlling your punani and you will never get Fucked as good as I’m fucking your love holes and sucking on your neck and fucking your mature body and you know that you need to get fucked everyday for hours and not minutes but I’m more interested in recording your nipples and pussy staring at the beginning of my telling you how I’m going to take control and fuck you and I’m going to continue to control your body like I’m a Beast and slapping your ass and pulling your hair in a Respectfull manner so your punani and asshole are throbbing like spasms and swollen begging me to get inside your punani but I’m making sure that you’re understanding that I’m going to fuck your hot mature body because nobody else is going to take control and make you scream with both holes filled with Hard dick and a dildo that is totally sufficient for your needs . I’m talking about not being shy and telling you that I’m absolutely positive that you want me to Talk to you and honestly tell you exactly what I’m going to do to you and your going to experience something that you will never experience again. Foeplay is so very important because I know that when I’m kissing your neck and sucking on your nipples and pulling your hair and sucking on your tits and your punani is going to swell up so much and you’re asshole is totally begging for a dildo to be inside. Oh okay. I would appreciate it if you can tell me if a Mature Woman should be treated and milked so Sincerely and Respectfully no less than 3 hours this way I know how. Would you love it .?
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