G4 Calla v. G4 tiger

G4 Calla v. G4 tiger

hillys hillys 02/14/2013

I haven't seen any comparison of these toys together and eventually I'm planning on trying another rabbit like toy and I was wondering what everyone's opinions are of these two and which would you think would work better. Calla looks better suited to duel stimulation but Tiger has a better shape...

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hillys hillys
I kind of want to try one of the G4 series someday and probably for a duel type stimulator, and I've had my eye on these two designs. Which one would you pick/ anyone with experience with both?
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epiphanyjayne epiphanyjayne
Hard to pick both look really nice. Calla has quite a taper to it, getting as thick as 2 inches towards the clitoral bump (which might not reach depending on anatomy). but the Tiger has nice rippling affect and a very nice average diameter, but again the clitoral attachment might not hit the right spot.
butts butts
Absolutely the Tiger, I don't have any interest in taipered "sharp" gspot toys. I've been dying for the Tiger for a while now!
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