Give me suggestions!

Give me suggestions!

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Okay, guys, I'm enlisting your help. I want to stock up on some non luxury, internal vibrators on my next order. I've been going through product pages and reading reviews but not everyone that owns products reviews them so I wanted to get some forum opinions as well.

Here's what I'm looking for. Price in non luxury category. I would say under $100, but perhaps the under $50 set would be best. I'm trying to expand my collection to have some cheaper items in it that I actually like.

Smaller size. Insertable length isn't as big of an issue because I can just insert less of it but diameter no more than 1.5 inches preferably 1.25 inches or 1 inch.

Smooth surface or low on texture. I'm pretty sensitive to texture so it can have some but nothing too overwhelming like strong ridges or bumps.

Strong power. Mid range four vroom or five vroom in power with preference for the latter.

Rumbly vibrations over buzzy. Will accept somewhere in the middle of the two.

Safe material. Prefer 7 or above on the safety scale. Preference for softer materials like silicone over glass or harder materials but can do plastic given the diameter is smaller.

That's not being too picky, right?? Much thanks for any help!
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