LELO Elise vs. Live vs. Mona: which is the best and why?

Contributor: BoomersGirl BoomersGirl 06/03/2010

I have decided I would like to invest in a "luxury" vibrator of this type of design rather then keep throwing smaller amounts of money away on subpar vibrators. I don't really use vibrators internally. I use them for clitoral stimulation. Keeping that in mind and since I can only get one, which should I choose and why?

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Contributor: BoomersGirl BoomersGirl
I rarely use anything internally, so this would be strictly for clitoral stimulation. I need something powerful. And it would also be useful if it was shaped to be able to use during intercourse.
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Contributor: Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
For clit stim, of those three, I prefer Liv.

Mona and Elise are stronger, though.
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
We've had the Elise for some time - but my wife isn't fond of it - says the vibes are not strong enough.

She loves the much cheaper Lanny's Vivid Dreams link - but she recently strangled it to death - really!

After more than two years of use she snapped off the base trying to twist on the cap. It was kind of funny because she was in the middle of trying to get off! The look on her face with one piece in each hand was priceless!

Now that Lanny's dead - I'm going to make an effort to get a fair trial of the Elise - we'll see if can pass muster the second time around!