Salsa and Tango are so versatile for us. Do you use them in other ways as well?

Contributor: Mr. John Mr. John
We like the variety and flexibility they offer beyond how they were intended. We use them as bullet replacements for Toys, such as the Tantus Flex, Tsunami, or Echo, just to mention a few. It takes a relatively weak toy and gives it a whole new life. We have "Posh" silicone finger sleeves which dampen vibrations, and adds texture when applying to my wife's clit. We use finger cots, which are like miniature rubbers, over the We-Vibes when maybe you want to stimulate the outside anal area. For added safety, you only need to place an "Evolved Vibrator Enhancer" (Three pack set) silicone ring/flange around the end, and you have a safe anal toy.

These are just some of the different ways we have used our We-Vibe Salsa's and Tango's. Do you have any additional idea’s which I might not have thought of?
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