Something like the Vogue?

Something like the Vogue?

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I recently received this as my first vibrator purchase (well, my "first" was the lelo nea i think it was a friend purchased me that is for my clit. which.. totally gateway drug, I wanted to start exploring receiving pleasure from having something inside since I've always relied on clit.)

So I purchased this one as it mentions being for Gspot.. Two problems.. The biggest is after the second use, my "clit tickler" stopped tickling. Flexibility was a big draw for this one but somehow it managed to break. All I remember doing was moving it a little to take a small break from the clit stimulation.

The clit stimulation is OMG EXCELLENT but can be a bit too much for me at times so I cycle through the settings. Here comes the main thing that is making me wonder if I should exchange it or refund.. I've really been wanting to experiment more with my "gspot" because I only recently noticed positive sensation during intercourse and I'm starting to enjoy the feeling of something inside me. Before recent, I only got anything out of my clit. I figured I'd try out a vibrator that would stimulate my gspot so I can learn my body a little better and maybe for once experience a really intense orgasm. (clit orgasms are great but i feel like I've never had the OMGWOW feeling from orgasm.)

The vibrations in the clit tickler were amazing but the other bullet in the top seemed to have much weaker vibrations and basically, without the clit tickler didn't seem to do much for me at all, meaning I don't think it was really doing all that much for me as exploring my Gspot.

So my question is.. since I found the fit of this vibrator to be great, (I had to push it down a bit but that was mainly because I was trying to give more stimulation to the inside..) Is there anything similar, in a similar price range that anyone would recommend? Just with more oomph to the g-spot aspect (actually not as worried about the clit since I do have my lelo nea for that and my main purpose is gspot experimenting) and preferably waterproof? (I would like to experiment more so in the shower because I need to find away to get myself over that "omgineedtopee" feeling that always makes me back off from what I assume is something greater.

Sorry about the long winded post that went into more detail than it needed to.. I've been awake for a while which tends to make me ramble a lot.

Anyway, thank you for any suggestions. If no one really has any better suggestions, I'll just return it and give it another shot.

TLDR; Vogue fits well, gspot/insertion stimulation/vibration is too weak, any alternatives?
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