Which one would you choose?

Contributor: Terri69 Terri69 07/07/2012

Which one would you choose?

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Contributor: Terri69 Terri69
Which one would you choose?
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Contributor: Ms. N Ms. N
I've ordered No. 35
Contributor: remember.me remember.me
I want No. 35 so badly
Contributor: Lioncub Lioncub
Own No. 4 and love it.
Contributor: Bullfroggy and Rose Bullfroggy and Rose
I like that No 16 has a clit stimulator
Contributor: Deeder Deeder
I've already got No. 16, so next I'd have to say No. 35.
Contributor: Cora Jane Cora Jane
No. 35 because I love the color.
Contributor: Master DarkWolf Master DarkWolf
Last one looks really nice, my Baby wants it too.
Contributor: DreamWolf DreamWolf
Originally posted by Master DarkWolf
Last one looks really nice, my Baby wants it too.
Oh damn yeah I do!!! ^^
Contributor: Breas Breas
I love the look of #35!
Contributor: ksparkles16 ksparkles16
I'd get #35! It looks really cool! So excited to see a review on it!
Contributor: Melan!e Melan!e
I'm really intrigued by the #35.
Contributor: K101 K101
Originally posted by Terri69
Which one would you choose?
Honestly? None. The gold one looks tacky to me and has that weird bump on it that looks like it'd just try to drag the outside of my vagina in with it. It has such a fun shape though, so that's depressing.

I already have the Icicles No. 16 and truly disliked it. I don't think I'd ever desired a toy as much as I did No 16. I got it and tried my heart out and it never pleased me. The stupid bullet is truly wild. It will jump in my hand. It's the loudest thing I've ever used downstairs. So loud in fact that it is the only vibrator I refuse to turn on in my house because it WILL be heard. I have no idea what went wrong with the glass dildo itself. It just doesn't feel good. I don't think I've ever owned a gspot toy that did not hit mine, but this does not. I really cannot figure out what about it feels so crappy. I love every other glass toy I'VE bought, including the other Icicles I have. It's just something about this one. I decided not to order No4 because it probably won't please me either.

I will say, 16 is absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous. Perfect. I love the look of it, but my cooter disagrees.
Contributor: HippieFeet HippieFeet
I would love to add 4 to my collection
Contributor: unfulfilled unfulfilled
I wish the 35 was stronger.
Contributor: Missmarc Missmarc
Originally posted by Terri69
Which one would you choose?
Icicles No. 35
Contributor: lia ayala lia ayala
No 35
Contributor: cagypsy cagypsy
I have number 4 and I love it. A friend of mine has number 16 and she calls it sweet sweet 16 baby so I would go with either of those. I don't know anything about number 35.
Contributor: mdnght mdnght
Number 4, since it's the strongest, according to the reviews. 35's really pretty though!
Contributor: NorthBayLady NorthBayLady
Number 4 or number 16
Contributor: HannahPanda HannahPanda
I really love No. 4
Contributor: Gluesnffr Gluesnffr
Icicles No. 4