Office Sex

Office Sex

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I was sitting at my desk waiting for the next patient. The time dragged on. I started
wishing I had my Hunny there with me, I closed my eyes and leaned back. The phone
rang… “Hello” DrGrace it’s your Husband. “Put Him Through, thank you Phillis”.

“Hello My Love How is your day going?” He said. His voice turns me on the second I
hear it…
“Oh I am just waiting for my next appointment, but I have been wishing you were here” -
I replied, my voice already changing and getting softer sexier with every word.
He knows me too well, so he started to play along.
“And what would you do with me if I was there, my sex kitten?”
“No my Love the question is what would You do?” -I paused… if I walked up to you,
unbuttoned your shirt, undone your belt, and unzipped your zipper…

All of a sudden my office door started to slowly, quietly open, I was sitting with my
back turned to the door so I didn’t see it.

I gasped and jumped as I felt something touching my leg under my desk… the hand
glided softly higher, and higher up my calf, my knee, my inner thigh. I closed my eyes
and felt it was him. He came to surprise me so I just gave in…

He started to take off my stiletto, then slowly rolling down my stocking and kissing and
loving my foot, sucking one toe, sliding his tongue between my toes and then sucking
and twirling another toe and another, licking the sole of my foot, my toes curled. Oh it
felt so divine. Then he kissed and licked and twirled higher and higher till he reached my
sweet naked mound.

He spread my lips and did his magic. Ohhhhh Yes. He has such a skilled tongue. I love
his mouth on my pussy. He sucked and nibbled my clit until I came. He then took off my
other stiletto and made feel sooo goood all over again.

I finally opened my eyes. Yes it was him, my Lover, the Love of My Life. He Kissed me
tenderly with just a little bit of tongue and then kissed my neck, nibbled on my ear,
opened my suit jacket, unbuttoned my blouse, exposed one of my breasts went to work
on my nipple, he always knows how I like it, he gently put my nipple between his teeth
and teased me mercilessly, licked, sucked, twirled and made me cum again.

In the heat of passion I undid his pants, I wanted his beautiful, magnificent, beefy cock
in my mouth. I licked the tip and teased his frenulum, I licked his shaft and then shoved
his cock in my mouth all the way down. I caressed it hungrily… I love his voice. He has
such a sexy deep voice. The more he moaned and made sounds of pleasure the more
hungry I got to pleasure him.

I twisted and whirled my mouth around his cock, sucked it gently going deeper and
deeper, faster and slower while using my hand to play with and caress his balls.

He pulled me up off my knees and turned me around and plopped me face down on my
desk. Lifted my skirt, pushed my g-string to the side while saying sexily “I gotta have
you now baby”… and stuffed his hard, erect cock in my soaking wet, ohhhh so ready for
him pussy. He thrust with great power, but was still careful not to be too rough.

He reached under me with his arm to tease my nipple with one hand and my clit with the
other. The heat was beaming from both of us. He pumped and pumped and used
different angles, “I am ready to cum baby, are you?” He asked with bated breath… I am
my darling don’t stop, just don’t stop, it feels so goooood, Oh My Love I am ready, I
am cumming! Oh God Yes! Yessss! We both tried to keep our voices down, but it was really hard lol, mean while my patient was already in the waiting room.

I loved that my Darling came to surprise me… This was the Best spent time. Don’t you

We tidied our selves up and kissed Goodbye.
“Same time next week Dr Grace?” -He said…
We smiled at each other devilishly. My Darling walked out of the office and the
secretary and the person waiting in the front looked at him, smirked and said: “Have a
good afternoon”
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