Candle Wax -- A Thought

Contributor: s00z3 s00z3
I was in Hobby Lobby earlier and got some of the little plastic bottles used for dripping liquids onto things (like paint and whatnot). If you take the top off, they make excellent nipple and clit suckers. The larger one is perfect for nipples, and I think the smaller one will make my clit very happy.

If you're like me and like having candle wax dripped onto your nipples, vulva, etc, you know how it's kind of messy? You can't really control where the wax goes, and it's easy to put the candle out inadvertently. I was thinking that maybe if you lit a candle, let it get a good collection of wax, and used a funnel to put the candle wax into one of those little bottles, you could use a candle warmer plate to warm up the wax so that you could squeeze it out of one of the bottles. It'd be awesome for spot-on application.

I haven't tried it yet, just a thought. What do you guys think?
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