For Women

For Women

Maxx Maxx 12/13/2011

I made one for men now I want to hear what the women have to say. What do you like to hear and say when you and/or your partner is talking dirty. Explain what they are below.

Invited: All users.

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Maxx Maxx
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I like to talk dirty
I dont like to talk dirty
I like it when my partner talks dirty
I dont like it when my parter talks dirty
Total votes: 78 (45 voters)
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klyte klyte
My girlfriend loves to call me Daddy, it's just kind of our thing. I love to hear it as well. She also loves to hear about how good she takes it and namecalling, ect. I won't go into much more detail, but this is just what she likes when we're having sex with my strap. During oral or something else, she's less of a talker and involves herself with kissing and breathing, instead.. but as far as sex goes, she absolutely loves being verbal and so do I.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I don't talk dirty to my hubby, but I think I would get turned on if he did it to me, but he never does.
WhoopieDoo WhoopieDoo
I'm an utter failure at talking dirty, but I love my guys to do it to me
Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by Maxx
Read above
We have NEVER "talked dirty" and it is one reason we actually turn off the sound on some of our porn..that is all they do. Neither of us EVER has liked it...before or since we have been together. We BOTH just don't see what others enjoy about it. He dated a gal that was a librarian type in the real world, and spoke like a possessed woman in bed. He swears that part of her turned him OFF. I think it would have me too.

We keep our talk to words of LOVE or words of instruction, or just plain "OH YES...that feels GREAT" stuff.
voenne voenne
Originally posted by WhoopieDoo
I'm an utter failure at talking dirty, but I love my guys to do it to me
I am a failure at it, too. But it doesn't really turn me on if someone does it to me. I just end up ignoring them unless it really bothers then I say something. :X
Sinfully Sinfully
I like when my partner talks dirty.
EdenJP EdenJP
Love the dirty talk
Silverdrop Silverdrop
The dirtier the better!
Cherrylane Cherrylane
Sometimes I like to talk dirty, other times not as much as I tend to be more submissive.

Love it when my guy talks dirty to me though. However, he's "not much of a talker" during sex. Oh well.
(k)InkyIvy (k)InkyIvy
I myself feel a little odd about "talking dirty", but I really like when my partner says what he's feeling/thinking.
TameTemptress TameTemptress
I'm too shy/self concious to talk dirty...but I love for my husband to.
geliebt geliebt
I enjoy both, but am sometimes more shy and have a hard time talking dirty myself.
As a sub, I like my partner to say things that objectify me and sound forceful. Things about how he owns me and he'll do whatever he likes, etc. there's plenty more, but that's the main core of it.
Rockasaurus Rockasaurus
Originally posted by Maxx
Read above
If it suits our moods, I'm up for dirty talk.
Kat. Kat.
we just talk about what turns us on and maybe places and positions where we want to have sex...this all happens before we're actually having sex and i would say that it sometimes works better than petting.
Archery Archery
We like to talks dirty.
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