Anal v. Vaginal Sex : Which do you prefer and why?

Anal v. Vaginal Sex : Which do you prefer and why?

Ash1141 Ash1141 09/12/2011

I'm just curious if there are people that would prefer anal sex to vaginal sex.

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Ash1141 Ash1141
Does it really feel good to females or is it more of a "for the man" thing.

How do you make it feel better?

Do you think there are as sensitive areas in the rectum as in the vagina?
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Naughty Student Naughty Student
I used to have anal to let my guy try something new, and also because I enjoyed it, but it was more for him than for me. But I stopped doing this because it required too much preparation, my guy is impatient sexually and he can't keep a condom on, it makes him lose his boner really quickly. We only have anal sex with a condom on.

Anal makes me orgasm without any clitoral stimulation or vaginal stimulation. It is awesome and I wish I could enjoy it more often.

But I still enjoy anal play during my solo sessions, it always helps the orgasms roll in much more quickly.
I'm with Naughty Student on this one. If I'm in the right frame of mind, I can orgasm pretty quickly from anal play, particularly if there's a small Pure Plug involved. But anal sex, especially with a partner, requires more preparation than I normally want to go through, in order for me to feel comfortable with it.

Even then, I really have to be in the "right place" mentally in order to relax enough to go with it. I'm always concerned something's going to get torn or damaged.

I don't think it's primarily a "man thing" and there are sensitive areas in the female rectum as well as the vagina. The biggest things I do to "make it feel better" are (1) use LOTS of lube and (2)learn to consciously relax those muscles.
babyrock babyrock
Same here. The preparation required is a bit of a downer.
Beck Beck
Anal is awesome. I enjoy anal on the regular, at least twice a week. I can O so much better from anal than vaginal. With vaginal I have to use clitoral vibe to even get off. I do not have to use vibe with anal. I do chose to, and have been able to achieve multiple ejaculations. I do not mind preparing for anal, all you got to do is take a poo and a shower. I like to start while in the shower solo. I make sure I am clean and have fun afterward. Anal is so not a guy thing. A guy gets off the same way no matter what, anal is for us. We are the ones who benefit from it.
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