How did you first start talking...

Contributor: KinsleyMajesty KinsleyMajesty
About sex toys with your partner?
Did he/she/they bring it up, did you? Was there a moment when you were wondering if they were ready to talk about sexuality and sensual pleasure so frankly, or did you know right off the bat that they were on the same wavelength? How did it evolve?
This is assuming you have an honest, healthy relationship with your partner about the world of sexuality, for the both of you, which I hope you do.
For me and my boyfriend, my man, ;P
he brought it up, saying that he wanted to please me, even if we brought toys in, he wanted to bring me pleasure...
And the second time he mentioned it, about toys, he said, “I encourage it.” And he smiled at me, and I knew: I was completely accepted, for my full sexuality and sensual nature, in that moment, and could share my whole life with him even more, that whole world. Nothing I couldn’t talk to him about anymore in this realm. And now, we’ve got a prostate toy on the way for him, I’m so excited. He said he’s never done this before, and never wanted to, with anyone else. I feel super special and amazing, fantabulous of course!! Please, share with me your story, of opening that seemingly taboo box together. I’d love to hear it.
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