I Love My Naughty and Nasty Fiancee

Contributor: Bailed Bailed
I've known a lot of women who were sexually liberated. I've never known a woman who's as sexually liberated as my fiancee. Her mom never ave her the sex talk that most adolescence girls get. My fiancee learned about sex by having sex. One of her very first boyfriends taught her to enjoy sexual euphoria.

My fiancee has an absolutely adorable and endearing manner of discussing sex. During the dating phase of our relationship, after she knew she could trust me to not judge her, she became very candid about her love for sex.

She went to a very liberal college. She learned that women should enjoy sex for euphoric responses. Women should not view sex as a means of pleasuring a man. They should view it as seeking their own euphoric pleasure.

When it comes to sex, my fiancee is the most candid and sexually assertive woman I've known. After she knew she could trust me, she would freely discuss sex with me in most candid terms.

When my fiancee was a sophomore in college, she took a broadcast journalism elective course. It was a 100 level course, and she needed an elective. It was taught by a black associate professor. He was a former professional baseball player. He was drafted out of high school. His parents made him go to college. After he graduated college, he made the roster of a major league team. His career was cut short after suffering a serious injury.

Other coeds at my fiancee's university told my fiancee that the associate professor was known for giving A's in exchange for sex. In retrospect, my fiancee thinks other coeds had sex with him because he was handsome, in excellent physical shape, exuded confidence, and was charismatic. He attracted coeds. They concocted the sex in exchange for grades to rationalize their ulterior motives of wanting to have sex with him.

After my fiancee submitted her video interview project, he scheduled an office appointment for her. She assumed it was an appointment in which she'd have sex with him in exchange for an A. My fiancee was in for a huge surprise. She was 90% sure she would have had sex with him in exchange for an A. That's what caused her confounded feelings.

Her associate professor was in about 42 years old, about 6'2", which was the same height as her then boyfriend. He was in fantastic physical condition. She emphasized that he had a beautiful body. She said he was very handsome, not handsome for a black man, handsome for any man. Most girls on campus had crushes on him. The other girls told my fiancee that he was more handsome than Harry Belafonte. She had no clue of who Harry Belafonte was.

His office was covered with newspaper clipping and sports magazine covers depicting his professional baseball career. She saw many sports trophies in his office. He had photos of himself with famous athletes and celebrities.

My fiancee told me she had expected him to close his office door. She was prepared to have sex with him in exchange for an A. Reality was she had an intensive physical attraction to him.

He reviewed her video project in detail with her. She got an A on with without having to take off her clothes. He told her that she had exceptional on-screen confidence (she didn't tell him about her porn star fantasy), and that she should consider changing majors.

Her associate professor taught the course because he had been recruited by her university. He had a local TV sports show that was syndicated. He spoke flawless English with no dialect and no grammar errors. He never used slang. He insisted that his students speak flawless English, speak clearly, and speak without dialect. He taught the course because he wanted to help students. He didn't need money. He probably lost money by teaching the course.

Fast forward to the sex part: she initiated a sexual relationship with him. He was more than 20 years older than she was at that time. He was more than a black man fantasy. She had already acquired sexual confidence and skills. She thought she had experienced sexual euphoria before she met him. She had no clue.

She said he had a perfect body. He had a huge dick that she absolutely loved. I'd bet that she could describe his dick in minute detail. He took her to mystical sexual euphoria. He reassured her of her blossoming feminine sexuality. He compliment her on her nearly perfect naked body. He was extremely attentive to her. He allowed her to experience mystical orgasms of oral sex. He knew how to go down on women. They used to have sex for hours, sometimes all night long. She absolutely loved to give him blow jobs. Her boyfriend had no clue she was doing her professor. She swore to me that that was the only time she has strayed in any otherwise exclusive relationship.

BTW, she told him that he could have anal sex with her. He told her that his dick was probably too big for her ass. She admired him for his concern for her sexual enjoyment.

She had sex with him off-and-on for the last three years of her college experience. He was my fiancee's booty call. He became her mentor. As a senior, she was his assistant. After she graduated, they stayed in communication. When he was in Southern California on business, she stayed with him at his hotel when she could. She invited him to her wedding. He was unable to attend due to his sports program commitment. Her wedding was near the middle of baseball season, which was when he was most busy. After she married, they lost contact with each other.

The conflict my fiancee has to this day was she was willing to do him in exchange for an A. She had assumed he had ulterior motives. The reality was he was a man of ethics. As she grew more mature, she realized that he had probably had sex with hundreds if not thousands of baseball groupies. He didn't need to BS his way down women's pants He was extremely handsome, intelligent, and articulate which made him more desirable for women. And he knew how women loved to enjoy sex, especially oral sex.

Very, very few people know about my fiancee's long affair with her professor who was at least 20 years older than she. Her affair with him reveals my fiancee's adorable and endearing sexual beliefs. She knows that other, less enlightened women would refer to her pejoratively. She doesn't care. Who she had sex with and how many men she had sex with was only her business. She firmly believes in sexual equality, that women should have sex for their euphoric responses and not merely to please men. She believes sex is healthy, natural, and normal.

More irony: while my fiancee is by a huge margin the best sex I have ever had, we're intensely bonded outside of a bedroom. I'd rather spend time with her than any of my friends. We have spent days doing routine stuff together which culminated in intensive sexual euphoria behind bedroom doors.

My fiancee knows she turns me on when she reveals in detail her sexual experiences to me. I honestly thought I was going to shoot a wad in my pants while I was seated across a table from her in a restaurant as she explained in detail how she perfected the art of giving blow jobs on one of her first boyfriends. At the time she thought he was helping her explore her sexuality. A few years later she realized he used it as a ruse to get more blow jobs out of her. She said he was naive. All he had to do was tell her to give him a blow job and she would have.

Since I've began dating the woman who's now my fiancee, she is the only woman who comes to my mind when I think about sex.
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