Do you prefer to buy sex toys from online or regular stores and why?

Contributor: Hot'n'Bothered Hot'n'Bothered
online, I've NEVER been in a physical store..
Contributor: DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
Every so often I go into a local store to check out what they have; especially when I am curious about a material but don't want to buy it without feeling the texture, yet.

But 99% of the time, my actual purchasing is done online; online I can be sure that I'm getting the best price, as well as a toy that doesn't have a history of breaking after one use.

That, and I love having them show up at my door at just the right time of day, without me having to get dressed and drive an hour to a toystore!
Contributor: softcoeur softcoeur
I bought my first toys in a store, because there were a couple of great stores where I lived at the time, friendly, open, with knowledgeable staff. But where I live now, there aren't any stores I know where I'd feel comfortable shopping. On top of that, it's easier to research and compare products online, especially on sites like EF, where community and reviews are very helpful!
Contributor: Love Buzz Love Buzz
I've always preferred shopping online as it is easier to find what I want, and with such amazing promotions and discounts it's far kinder on my pocket than buying from stores. Also even after currency conversion & postage costs in Australia it is far cheaper to buy from online stores than real bricks & mortar style shops.
Contributor: VieuxCarre VieuxCarre
My best friend and I went into some toy stores last night and they do NOT have NEARLY the selection that there is online. It was sad, but we ended up finding a few things that we liked and wanted to try.

I much prefer online, though. We don't have to deal with the creepers that seem to lurk in the physical toy stores as well :/
Contributor: Fanny Fanny
Mostly online is better, but sometimes it's helpful to actually see and touch something before you buy it! Even with the dimensions its hard to tell how big something really is until you see it in real life.
Contributor: Passionate Pastor Passionate Pastor
With a site as awesome as EF, I have no need for a physical store!!!
Contributor: Gatita Gatita
I agree that online offers more variety, better prices & more info (such as this site), however shopping at a store has been fun for me, since my husband offers from time to time to treat me. Shopping together is fun!
Contributor: deadpoet deadpoet
This question is kind of hard to answer, because the only why I have bought my toys is online. I haven't really had the time or money to go to the store
Contributor: TheCleansing TheCleansing
Buying toys online, especially at EF is better. Prices are better and it's more ocnfidential. Plus you get them shipped right to your room/dorm.
Contributor: Not here Not here
I voted Both. While I prefer to buy online (from EF!) for the cheaper price tag, sometimes it's nice to go to the actual sex shop. There are a few nice ones in relatively close proximity to me, and I'm actually going to be moving about a mile from one soon! They generally allow for costumes to be tried on which is a big plus, and it's also nice if you're looking to get something very soon, or see exactly what it looks like. But, I still mostly get my toys and lingerie from EF!
Contributor: Kinkyquing Kinkyquing
Online--if only because as far as I know, there are no sex toy shops in the town I live in and the only ones in the next big city I have access to look very skeezy. I really wish this wasn't so, since there are a few toys I'd like to get a look/feel for before purchase.
Contributor: Solar Ray Solar Ray
Online.. because all the best info (like here on EF of course) and the best prices are available online.
Contributor: softkkisses softkkisses
I have only purchased lingerie online, and vibes in stores... But I will do it from Eden from now on like.
Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
Originally posted by Inga mk
Online stores vs Regular stores - comments on advantages and disadvantages are highly appreciated
I prefer online.

No need for a checkout. Just order, sit back watch the tv. Plus I do not have to travel 50 miles to the computer like I would to go to the store.
Contributor: Madeira Madeira
I like shopping online after checking out the toys in a bricks and mortar store to figure out what they feel like and such. I like shopping online because I can usually find a better price.
Contributor: Onanist Onanist
I've found online sites have better deals and regular stores are far more inexpensive. One item in stock at my local adult store was $20 more ($50 instead of $30) than the online price. I like to shopping to my local store because they will take the product out of the package and put batteries in (if needed) so you can touch and feel what it's like. Then I'll see if I can get it cheaper online.
Contributor: Shellz31 Shellz31
Plenty of variety without having to drive all around town going to a number of stores. Besides, you're extremely limited (if any stores) when ya live in the sticks!
Contributor: Mr. E Mr. E
The majority of our toy purchases are made online. The selection at our local stores is very limited.
Contributor: Trashley Trashley
I like BROWSING in real sex stores, but buying in online sex stores. Is that weird?
Contributor: lamira lamira
I love buying from online. There's a great variety in products, sizes, colors, whatever. And also it's discreet and convenient.
Contributor: JustYourAverageGuy JustYourAverageGuy
Simple, Online there is more information available, it is private, and better selection.
Contributor: lovehurts lovehurts
I buy online it cheaper and you get good information on products that you buy, and plus nobody knows what you are getting
Contributor: Naughty Student Naughty Student
I prefer online bcs the prices are so much better than we I can ever find in store. They are totally ripping us off.
Contributor: Unconventional Unconventional
I prefer to go to a store for an actual visual, but if I've seen it in the store and know what I'm getting, online is fine. I don't generally have people babysit my son, so going into a store usually isn't an option.
Contributor: P'Gell P'Gell
Originally posted by Trashley
I like BROWSING in real sex stores, but buying in online sex stores. Is that weird?
Crash, I do the same things. That way I can feel and play with the toys (with my hand) or as the girl who works in one of our brick and mortar stores told me, "Put the vibe on the tip of your nose, so you can see how it feels on a really sensitive part." I hope she wasn't screwing with me! I think I looked pretty funny with a LayaSpot curved around my nose, going, "Oh, that's an cool feeling."

I finally got to feel the beads in some rabbits, while running the other day, and it convinced me that these toys are mostly not for my Clit O Steel or my strong PC muscles. I would have hated to spend a bundle of money for a toy that really wasn't great for my needs.
Contributor: Research Research
I prefer online stores for research purposes since you have access to ratings and reviews. B and M stores are nice since you can actually see the product, but since they deal with shipping and middlemen, I've found their prices are usually higher than with an online store.
Contributor: popples popples
I like to do some comparison shopping to see if the product I want is available in stores and is cheaper. But I usually end up buying online.
Contributor: Lily Night Lily Night
going to stores can definitely be advantageous since you don't have you're purchase show up on your credit card bill, but I still like online better because it's less awkward. I just send it to a different location so my parents don't see what I ordered
Contributor: Dusk Dusk
I usually prefer online stores because it takes me a long time to decide if I want to purchase something. Online, I can keep coming back to look at it, read reviews, and peruse. When I go to the store (GV is pretty close) I end up wandering around, looking at a few things and then not being able to make up my mind if I'm getting something. I usually leave without anything.

The nice thing about going to the store though, is that I can see the exact size of objects and hold them. It really makes a difference sometimes.