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Hello my name is Misfit-man Matty and I am diagnosed with CIPD it is chronic inflammatory polyradiculoneuropathy disease, as a result I cannot feel my legs and have nerve damage covering my entire body, sometimes causing even the softest of touch to feel like being poked with an electrified branding iron soaked in lava.. yes its pretty uncomfortable. but I love sex, almost every different kind of physical intimacy or just raw, unimaginable pleasure of carnal lust but with the nerve ending in my lump of flesh leaving me little options, I spent a long time researching and learning how to successfully achieve full arousal, and effectively stimulate un-common and taboo nerves and illicit sensations to find an almost perfect rhythm to still be able to enjoy and ultimately pleasure myself and those involved in ways unable to be described as they almost quantify the universe, and on many varied different levels at that, so if you'd like to learn, want to play around and experiment, have an productive and informational debate or also suffer from some kind of disability, then please by all means, like, and subscribe/follow/favor ite me to get some pretty in-depth and very informative pleasure tricks to fully enjoy and completely satisfy ones own sexual desires as well as the ones of your partners. I'm very open and honest and have no issues with any color, gender, or sexual preference, although I'm very limited in my knowledge of those subjects, but I do love to learn and will find an answer to every quandary presented to me to help you fulfill your inner most fantasies without the hinderance of sexual taboo or judgement of any kind. please follow me on my social media to stay informed of events, live streams, podcasts and product and accessory reviews. And I always welcome any and all questions!!

Stay strong, stary positive, and always keep going! don't try to hard or take things to seriously because life is just too damn to short and I can promise you nobody makes it out alive.

This is King Misfit-man Matty, and I approve this message!
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