True Interracial Sex

Contributor: thewickedest thewickedest
After awhile in my life I tried many types of women and a little men. I will give you a glimpse into what we did. I think you will have fun reading it. I'm half Japanese and half Scottish.


I got a lapdance from a fully naked Columbian woman

I got a topless lapdance from a half Egyptian half Latina

I touched a white strippers nude pussy

Got a naked lapdance from an Indian woman

I had a topless lapdance from a black woman and touched her pussy through her panties

Handled a black woman's ass while she was twerking

Had a lapdance from a Mexican woman while she was naked

Fucked a white woman's pussy with my dick

Really got far with a white woman with sticking my cock up her vagina

Had tits in the face from a half Japanese half Brazilian

Had tits in the face from a white woman

Touched a latinas tits

Touched a Chinese woman's tits

Touched a white woman's tits under her shirt

Many dream sex moments


Got my balls poked by a white man

Got my butthole tickled by a white man through clothes

Masturbated with men
Oct 2, 1:52 am
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