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A festival of squirting

This is an excellent movie for fans of squirting as well as for those who enjoy vigorous male/female sex. All of the actors and actresses are drenched by the end of this movie. This is one of the few porn movies that I actually may watch more than once.
Excellent squirting, satisfying sex scenes
too much vocalization and spitting
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I wanted to review this movie in order to watch several accomplished squirters in action and hopefully to learn something in the process, student of female ejaculation that I am. I would have preferred Chemical Analysis of My Squirt, but who listens to me?

SCENE I: Tiana, Randy and Kinsey
The movie begins with Tiana and her husband Randy in their living room. Randy is a fit older man with deep craggly voice, all good qualities in my opinion. Tiana suggests inviting over their cute female neighbor, Kinsey. Randy, after briefly pretending to not know which neighbor she’s talking about, agrees to the threesome. There is no more plot development in the entire rest of the movie after this brief conversation. Kinsey arrives wearing just panties and a dog collar. Their threesome begins with a blow job for Randy. Then Randy alternates between the women. Tiana squirts multiple times in a variety of positions. Kinsey doesn't squirt but positions herself for swallowing at every opportunity. At one point Kinsey is lying on the floor while Tiana rides Randy reverse cowgirl style, popping off him repeatedly to squirt over Kinsey, who spits squirt back into Tiana’s mouth. The scene ends as he jacks off into the Kinsey's mouth. I usually love jacking off scenes, but his is so brief and we see so little ejaculate that this ending does little for me. I found it only a bit ironic that in a movie that focuses on squirting, that the lead male squirts so little himself.

SCENE 2: Nicki
Nicki’s scene begins with her demonstrating her ability to make herself squirt quickly by clitoral stimulation alone. Its quite impressive. She does this once then the scene abruptly changes and she is blowing someone. For the longest time we see only the hips and genitals of her partner plus Nicki's head. She makes loud glugging noises during this blow job, noises made worse by the fact that she vocalizes while glugging. She can't even lick his balls without vocalizing and using the word 'pussy' innumerable times. All of her actions in this scene seem crazed, as though she cannot be more eager to do every single sexual thing. Was she on drugs? Its reminiscent of Kramer's scene on Seinfeld where he's had too much coffee. Finally he's in her. She squirts as her partner fingers her. Later she fingers herself as she blows him and comes again, but unattractively her anus is protruding even more than her G-spot. I could have lived without that image. Her partner takes her anally. Then she uses a bullet while he is inside her anally and squirts volumes again, which he catches in his hand and spreads over her. Another squirt he catches in his mouth, then spits back into hers. There is no end to the spitting and swallowing. Nicki squirts numerous times during her scene and her G-spot is incredibly prominent during each squirt.

SCENE 3: Georgia and Angela
Angela says almost nothing in the first half of this scene and looks tired and a little ragged. She gives oral to Georgia while Georgia blows the male in this scene. Georgia's first squirt happens while a cock is in her mouth. Finally Angela gets a turn with the male in this scene and has a chance to squirt over Georgia. At this point Angela becomes more animated. Georgia squirts at least ten times in this scene. At one point she spits into Angela's mouth. Why all the spitting?

SCENE 4: Flower and Eva
They begin their scene by rubbing their breasts against each other. So sexy. Flower then toe sucks Eva. Then they rub their genitals together. Eva spits onto Flower's ass. Was that necessary? Eva uses a glass toy on Flower which looks a bit like a colorless Serenity. Yes! It thrilled me that they used toys. They also include a rabbit in their play. Another glass toy with blue swirls inside it is used in Flower's ass as a vibe is used on her clit. They are both excellent squirters. I love it that Eva leaves her glasses on during her entire scene.
SCENE 5: Cytherea, Tiana and Randy
In this scene, Cytherea and Tiana are back with Randy but on a different couch. Both give him a blow job but Cytherea does most of the work and moans like she's the one receiving pleasure. Come on Cytherea. I’ve seen you in movies where you don’t act so over the top like this. Maybe the director demanded this of all the actors. Cytherea squirts multiple times like a fountain. She’s the champion squirter of the movie. I love how she shakes afterward and how her orgasms seem to go on for minutes. Before she is done shaking, Randy is back inside her. Abruptly the scene switches to Tiana receiving. Tiana is also in prime form in this scene. Randy switches back and forth between the women several times. Their scene finishes with Randy coming into both of their eager mouths. I do wonder whether its frustrating for him to have the women popping off of him every minute to squirt.

The DVD ends with ads for various services and phone numbers to call to arrange them.

This was a fun movie to watch. If you’re a fan of squirting, you’ll enjoy this movie. Even if squirting isn’t your thing, the regular sex in this movie is pretty good too. My only criticism is that in most of the scenes it seemed as though the actors were too eager. I would have preferred them to show a normal amount of enthusiasm. I can’t help wondering whether the director asked them to behave that way.

I would have thought that in a squirting video that it wouldn't be necessary for the women to loudly moan throughout since there is tangible evidence of their pleasure. Yet they yelled and moaned throughout the movie, unfortunately.

I was hoping to learn something about female ejaculation from this movie, in addition to being entertained. What I observed is that that the G-spots of each of the actresses protruded quite a bit each time they squirted. I don’t believe I’ve noticed that in squirt videos before. It was nice to see them scrunch their abdomens as they squirt, just like I do. I also observed that after multiple excellent squirts from Cytherea, when she was trying again to squirt but perhaps having trouble, that she pushed down on her abdomen with her hand. So pressure on your bladder or G-spot from outside is helpful even for squirting superstars. Those observations are the sum of what I learned from this movie. I thought the behind the scenes footage might have interviews with the actresses about squirting, but no such luck.

Behind the scenes: Shots of the actresses goofing around, chatting, etc before the shoot. It also shows the taking of promo photography. 18 min

Bonus footage - 9 min. This contains extra scenes and is quite similar to the rest of the movie.

Bonus scene - Missy: 21 minutes. Missy does not appear in the movie, just in this extra scene. Missy is also an accomplished squirter. She wears in interesting mesh outfit during her entire bonus scene.

Photo Gallery - a movie of photo clips from the film.

Trailers for six other squirt movies.
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  • P'Gell
    Interesting. Great review.

    This movie is probably not for me. I'm not a big spitting fan. Tristan Taramino's Rough Sex has massive amounts of spitting in it (no squirting and no cunnilingus either) and I got tired of it after only a few scenes. It's one of those things that some people can't get enough of, and other couldn't care less about.

    Thanks for the review. Tuesday.
  • Tuesday
    Thanks P'Gell. From the forum post about spitting, it seems that almost everyone shares my dislike of spitting. Porn filmmakers don't seem to know this though.
  • Selective Sensualist
    I hate the spitting, too, and wonder why it's necessary.

    I've seen Cytherea in other movies and wonder whether or not her squirting is a gimmick because she can squirt TONS multiple times (up to three times within a very short period of time), splashing people across the room from her and soaking the camera. If the female ejaculate comes from a small gland, how can it produce so MUCH in such rapid succession?

    I once saw her laying on her back on the floor in front of a chair where a man was sitting with another woman riding him in reverse cowgirl position. From the floor, flat on her back, she not only soaked his balls, but she actually got his face and hair wet. She ejaculated as much as most people urinate (and, again, shooting it EXTREMELY far). In another scene, she was sitting in a chair across from a couple on a couch and she managed to soak both of them from across the room.
  • Tuesday
    SS, I actually think Cytherea isn't faking. Her lip quivers afterward. I think that would probably be hard to fake. Tiana squirted healthily and repeatedly too. It just confirms my believe that most of the liquid comes from the bladder. There's no other way to squirt that kind of volume.
  • TitsMcScandal
    Oh em gee, this sounds amazing!!!! I am actually someone who loves the spitting. Adore.
  • buzzvibe
    Not a fan of excessive spitting either, but I quite like Cytherea. Thanks for the awesome review!
  • namelesschaos
    Thanks for the review. This isn't my typical thing but I may keep in mind for when I want to break my typical routine.
  • married with children
    Great review. Im a big fan of squirting movies. The wife and i get off watching them. She likes watching them to try to learn to squirt better. I will put this movie in my wish list. thanks
  • Tuesday
    Thanks sloppy donkey! You'll like this movie.
  • softcoeur
    Great review, thanks! I appreciated the detailed scene descriptions, and the warnings about spitting -- I don't like spitting either, but despite it, still sounds like something I'd like.
  • M121212
    Wow this film sounds like an extravaganza! Thanks for the review
  • fromazoo
    thanks for the review!
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